Bild about the battle for the Donbass: how much you honestly blame Russia?

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin commented on the confrontation in the Donbass.

More and more European countries are trying to move away from discussing issues of the war in the Donbass and Crimea, suggesting they just «freeze» for an indefinite period and to treat this phenomenon as a «long-term temporary condition.» But Kiev just can’t let go and so continues to remind Europe about its problems.

Photo source: — @MFA_Ukraine

According to Klimkin, the «Ukrainian soldiers continue to die in the Donbass under fire of Russian soldiers», though in fact no Russian army in this region and there can not be. In all the time that loud Kiev accuses Moscow of meddling, has not been charged with any evidence for the presence of the Russian army in the Donbass. However, this does not prevent Klimkin to continue to stick to the clichéd line further by telling European representatives about what does not exist in nature.

The foreign Minister of Ukraine, to be witty also noted that Kiev will have to seek the introduction of peacekeepers on the Russian-Ukrainian border to «from the territory of the aggressor, nobody has been able to penetrate the LDNR and to convey militia weapons».

Photo source: the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

However, the German journalists asked Klimkin, would it not be fair to admit that Ukraine itself is repeatedly violating ceasefire, as this is ample evidence. «Is it fair to blame everything on Russia?», — rhetorically asked a German expert on what the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry dismissed the standard phrases about the Minsk agreements and their compliance, also again raised the issue of introduction of peacekeepers. In short, «This is the beginning of the first Moscow and Kiev is only protected».

When the diplomat said that Putin also requires the introduction of peacekeeping forces, he called «nespravedliva» placement independent of international forces on the line of contact. Supposedly there is «nothing to see», and it is better to look for a border with Russia (where nothing happens). The desire of Kiev to deploy peacekeepers in the midst of war looks highly suspicious and bordered on the absurd. In Europe are beginning to understand that Ukraine is clearly not struggling to avoid the presence of «witnesses» where it is not profitable.

Bild about the battle for the Donbass: how much you honestly blame Russia? 31.10.2017

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