Besieged Aleppo left the first group of refugees

On the first day after the opening of humanitarian corridors to Aleppo, hundreds of families, mostly large families, proceeded to the place where they waited for a hot lunch, doctors and, most importantly, safety — it provides Russian and Syrian military. Before sending to the camp for temporary displaced people were given food parcels. Exhausted by four years of war the locals, barely holding back tears, told that they had to move, reports «TV Center».

«The first house that came under fire – this is my house. Came to the balcony because there was a Syrian flag and a picture of our President that I’m proud of. I love my country. Thanks Russia for support and assistance,» said a local resident.

On Aleppo a day circled Russian helicopters – were scattered over the living quarters of the leaflets, which specify how to move through safe corridors to get to areas that are now controlled by the Syrian military. Humanitarian operation with the participation of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties began yesterday at the request of the Arab Republic, once one of Syria’s largest cities were on the brink of food disaster.

According to the plan of operation, in the village organized three gummidge for civilians and those who decided to lay down their arms. By special order of Assad, another way — to fighters that are allowed to freely leave surrounded by government forces, Aleppo. This practice has been applied in other liberated cities in Syria.

Are the speakers the warning that there is a way. You can get out. It will work only in the daytime. It is estimated that the number of inhabitants can be from 150 to 200 thousand,» — said the representative of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria Kirill Savin.

In the Central districts of Aleppo continue to be up to 10 thousand fighters. After the blocks leave civilians, the Syrian military will be able to begin to pinpoint the destruction of terrorist groups. The Russian side takes part only in humanitarian operations. Assistance is provided in almost all provinces of the Arab Republic. Only in the past week, more than five tons of food and medical supplies were delivered to the settlements, and refugee centers in the provinces of Hama and Latakia.

Meanwhile, in the camp of the terrorists is division. The militants of the banned in Russia «dzhebhat an-Nusra has publicly stated that break all the contacts with «al-Qaeda» — one of the largest ultra-radical Islamic organizations, its activities are also prohibited in our country. Changing the name of the group, now the radical Islamists call themselves members of «Fath al-sham», meaning «Front for the liberation of Syria.»

However, as military experts claim, the fact that renaming does not change. The U.S. state Department said that while not see any reason to change its policy towards this group, as she was, and will remain one of the main targets for the American and Russian military in Syria. Director of national intelligence James Clapper called rebranding terrorists ploy.

«To some extent it’s a PR stunt. I believe they would like to create the image of the moderate opposition, and thus obtain the protection that we have other opposition groups in Syria. Therefore, they withdraw themselves from under the strikes of Russian aviation. But, by and large, it’s still a PR. And separation from «al-Qaeda» is only the external nature,» said James Clapper.

However, the real success of the Russian military show in Syria not only because of the use of force from the air. Over the past few days in Hama province to the cease-fire was joined by seven Bedouin settlements. Fought the last few years, the militia agreed to lay down their arms only after to participate in the talks, was joined by Russian military experts. On Friday experts of the Ministry of defense in Geneva will consult with colleagues from States on the implementation of the cease-fire in Syria.

Egor Kiselev, «TV Center».

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Besieged Aleppo left the first group of refugees 30.07.2016

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