«Belorusneft» was sounded, how much is a new oil field

According to the Belarusian oil production company «Belorusneft» on the territory of the state discovered a new source of extraction of «black gold». There is a field within the intermediate unit regional Rechitskoe-Vishenskogo fault of the Pripyat trough. In a statement the company said that this natural accumulation of mineral matter is called «Coal».

Company representatives estimate the field at 1,695 million tons of oil. However, this is not an accurate assessment, a more accurate figure will be formed after the drilling of wells in 2017. Recall that in 2016 «Belorusneft» produced mineral resources, refers to gas and oil, 60 fields in Belarus. This information is public and anyone can read it on the official website of the company.

«Belorusneft» was sounded, how much is a new oil field 03.01.2017

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