Beer production in Russia in 2017 decreased by 8.5%

Beer production in Russia has been falling for the ninth consecutive month. Production volumes are 526,85 million decaliters, which is 8.5% below the average level in 2016. The National Union of protection of the rights of consumers believe that this trend is associated with a reduction in the purchasing power of the population in the first half of the year with cool summers and the strong influence of the informal sector, reports «Interfax». The production of beer drinks has increased by more than 37 percent and amounted to 58,52 million decaliters.

It is worth noting that in August the representatives of the Ministry of health published encouraging statistics. Alcohol consumption dropped to 10.3 litres per adult per year. However, this rate still exceeds the rate of the who, which is 8 litres.

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Also, according to VTSIOM, more than 44% of the country’s citizens were less likely to drink alcohol. The opposite trends report, only 4% of Russians.

Beer production in Russia in 2017 decreased by 8.5% 29.10.2017

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