Bed linen in the bedroom interior

With the help of curtains, bedspreads, cushions and bedside rugs can give the room the style. But what to do if you want any change in the interior? New linens will help bring some flair to the bedroom design, the more it can change every day.

How to choose the bedding?

More recently, to buy high-quality and beautiful bedding was problematic. Often sellers offering pure white kits or with a small floral pattern. Today, the range of bed linen Ivanovo is striking in its diversity. This product made of silk, calico, jacquard, poplin, satin, percale and cotton. In addition to the standard sheets are very comfortable models on the gum, which do not roll or rise during sleep.

For lovers of traditional comfort there are a lot of sets from natural cotton. Romantic nature can buy exquisite silk. But is especially valued today satin bedding. In addition to attractive appearance it is notable for its strength and durability. Products of satin can withstand multiple washes without losing color brightness and presentable appearance.

An important factor when choosing bedding is the color. Thanks to correctly chosen colors can not only intelligently highlight the bedroom interior, but also to give a certain mood to its inhabitants. To create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere perfect light, diluted colors. However, remember that the clothes should match the style of the room the texture and color.

For the interior in the style of Provence with a dominant natural shades, perfect underwear soft, pastel colors. Harmonious addition can be a lace or crocheted items. Bedroom in a minimalist style will suit linen strictly cut without decor. In a room decorated in a classic style that will look good linen, olive, beige, gold or brown colors.

When buying a bed linen with a pattern, consider the design features of the bedroom. For a small room with a low ceiling is better to choose a small vertical pattern. The large bedroom will look great linen with scattered large flowers or 3D image that is very popular today.

Bed linen in the bedroom interior 17.06.2017

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