Became known why Olympians bite their medals

In an article published in the British newspaper the Independent, reveals one of the major mysteries of the modern sports world where originates the tradition among athletes and Olympic Champions around the world bite their medals, showing all his victory.

As stated by the President of the International society of Olympic historians David Wallechinsky, the famous gesture by biting the medals went from the photographers. The historian said that for photographers this frame is a kind of benchmark.

Earlier the news Agency «National news» reported that the famous Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva arrives for the Olympics in Rio.

As it became known, Isinbayeva arrived in Rio de Janeiro in the status of a candidate for the athletes ‘ Commission of the International Olympic Committee.

Thus, according to the words Isinbayeva, the fact that she is deprived of the right to participate in the Olympic games and will not be able to compete for a gold medal, depressing.

Became known why Olympians bite their medals 15.08.2016

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