Became known technical characteristics of the Ukrainian mortars «Hammer» replaced the old Soviet weapons

Two years of the war in the Donbass completely destroyed all standard mortars of Soviet times and in this regard, the Ukrainian military quickly adopt the weapons of local production.


Chief of arms of armed forces of Ukraine the General-the major Nikolay Shevtsov said that during the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine has been destroyed almost the entire Arsenal of the chassis mortars of Soviet times, which were used by the military during the fighting.

According to Shevtsova, in the moment, the army of Ukraine has adopted the order of two hundred mortars, «Sickle», which are produced by local defense company plant «Mayak», but about the technical features of this weapon information was not disclosed.

Edition of IA «National news» found out some details about the mortars «Hammer» that produces the plant «Mayak».

Plant «Mayak», which now made mortars «Hammer» prior to 2008, produced a tube, transistor and tape recorders, but later he had to shift to the production of military equipment, including tanks and infantry rifle.

In September 2015 the plant sent to test the first demonstration of the smooth-bore 120 mm mortar that was developed jointly with Starokramatorsky machine factory.

According to information, the development of the mortar, which was called М120-15 «Hammer», it took about two months.

It is noted that the developers of the «Hammer» took as a basis for the design of a Soviet mortar 120-mm caliber and modernized it, adding to the weapons of modern technology.

Thus, the upgraded mortar «Hammer» weighs 210 pounds, shoots more than seven kilometres at a speed of up to a dozen rounds per minute, in addition, for shooting uses 120-mm mines of the Soviet model and is equipped with a fuse from double charging.

As previously reported IA «National news», «APU sad without Soviet mortars».

In March 2016, the Ukrainian army has adopted a first batch of mortars «Hammer» and expecting further supplies in the ranks of the military, but in may of this year, the company suddenly faced with the problem of the absence in Ukraine of the production of barrels for small arms, and in August the plant had to establish its own production of the missing parts.

Became known technical characteristics of the Ukrainian mortars «Hammer» replaced the old Soviet weapons 27.09.2016

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