Battle for Abu Kamal: the Russian «Caliber» hit on defense ISIS around the city

Today, October 31, in the Mediterranean sea diesel-electric submarine «Velikiy Novgorod» — has launched four high-precision cruise missiles «Caliber». The start was made from an underwater position, and the goal of Russian submarines were the positions of ISIS militants* in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor.

As the press service of the defense Ministry of Russia, «Gauges» destroyed four important facility in the suburbs of Abu-Kemal. The airstrikes targeted two militant command posts, one fortified base, where he serviced military equipment of terrorists, as well as large ammunition depot. Means of objective control have confirmed the destruction of all targets.

It should be noted that over the past two months this is the fourth strike by the Russian fleet against terrorists. The previous attack was applied in anticipation of major offensive operations of the Syrian army. So, October 5 submarines «Great Novgorod» and «Kolpino» released from ten «Caliber» on ISIS positions near the town Mayadin. The next day the command of the SAA announced the full liberation of the city.

Likely, today’s strike is also a preparation for a major offensive by government forces at Abu Kemal – the last stronghold of militants in Syria.

* – Organization’s activity in Russia is prohibited by a decision of the Supreme court.

Battle for Abu Kamal: the Russian «Caliber» hit on defense ISIS around the city 31.10.2017

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