Bangladesh intends to resettle 100 thousand refugees on a desert island

Power Bangladesh is going to move 100 of thousands of Muslim Rohingya people on a desert island in the Bay of Bengal. This plan was criticized by human rights activists, since the island is constantly exposed to floods and hazardous to life.

Bangladesh authorities have approved a plan to resettle 100 thousand Rohingya refugees on a desert island Tanger Spell in the Bay of Bengal, reports gazetasi

The country’s leadership has stated that it will soon begin construction of the island, it will cost the government of the country 278 million dollars. Work planned to be completed until November 2019.

In turn, human rights activists criticized the plan of the authorities of Bangladesh. According to them, the island is subject to frequent flooding.

«In a desperate attempt to make Rohingya people left the refugee camps and eventually returned to Myanmar, they jeopardize the safety and well-being,» said they.

Only in 2017 from Myanmar in Bangladesh fled 620 thousand Rohingya. By religion they are Muslim and a minority in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. The Republic’s authorities refuse to recognize their own citizens and call the Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh intends to resettle 100 thousand refugees on a desert island 07.12.2017

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