Attack and criticism will not prevent Russia brilliantly to hold the 2018 world Cup

The Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko has warned about the information attacks, which can strike on the eve of the world Cup.

Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko said that the ill-wishers will descend from the attacks on the world championship on football which will pass in 2018-the year in Russia. In this case the criticism will be exposed to every little thing.

Former goalkeeper of Russia Ruslan Nigmatullin in an interview to IA «National news» admitted that such a situation it is not surprising, and it has already become commonplace.

«Information attack on our wonderful country going every day, one steeper another. Not surprised and the world Cup are trying to manipulate. The weak, no one pays attention, and a strong annoying,» — said the expert.

Vitaly Mutko explained that, given the situation, it is especially important to hold the world Cup at a high level, to honour all commitments made to FIFA and to prepare the national team. The goalkeeper, for many years defended the colours of the Russian flag at major tournaments, I’m sure the world Cup will leave all the most pleasant experience.


27/09/2016. My saves in the match, team Europe and team South America. In defense with me in this match was made by Paulo Ferreira, Antonio Benarrivo, Dino Baggio and Thomas Helveg. ⚽amazing game

A video posted by ⚽ this Ruslan Nigmatullin ???? (@ruslan_nigmatullin) on Sep 30, 2016 at 2:54am PDT

«I have no doubt that the world Cup will be held in Russia at the highest level. I was in this once again convinced Eurovision, the Olympic Games in Sochi, held at the highest level. I am sure that the world Cup in two years we will spend well, and he will be remembered, will delight» — said Ruslan Nigmatullin.

Recall, the world Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 cities of Russia. The decisive match of the world championship will be held at the stadium «Luzhniki» in Moscow.

Earlier the news Agency «National news» reported, FIFA will not allow the UK to boycott the 2018 world Cup

Attack and criticism will not prevent Russia brilliantly to hold the 2018 world Cup 01.10.2016

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