Atlantic Council: one ubiquitous and insidious enemy of Ukraine is still not disclosed

The American edition of the Atlantic Council published an article, which was dubbed version of «the Ukrainian insidious enemy» that no one knows. The author noted that the invention Kyiv enemies already in Vogue, and the condemnation only of Russia, on the contrary, becomes a mauvais ton. Undoubtedly, after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Moscow has become the main «aggressor» and takes «pride of place» in the black list Poroshenko. Among the domestic enemies are corruption, emigration, international indifference, bureaucracy and so on, down to the bad roads.

But a «pervasive and insidious» enemy «Independence» had not yet been officially announced. According to the American publishers, much stronger than Vladimir Putin, the country affected by… negative. It possessed the majority of Ukrainians in terms of the perception of their country. It is best to notice the aliens in conversation with his Ukrainian friends know: see them in a good mood practically impossible, but the signs are optimistic thinking are extremely rare. The residents of the «Square» at face value, always expecting the worst and «see only fly in the ointment».

The author cited the example of the situation with visa-free regime. When the idea was only in the beginning of the birth, the Ukrainians immediately treated it with skepticism, saying that nothing will be released and Europe will not go towards Kiev. However, when the initiative was implemented, the majority still were dissatisfied with the efforts made by the state, wasn’t worth it. «A lot of paperwork! No warranty!», says the vast majority of Ukrainian skeptics.

It is the negativity impedes development of the whole country in any direction. «Negative strengthens the position of those who advocate inaction and submissiveness in the face of inevitable». It repels even the international investors who are extremely satisfied with the atmosphere of pessimism in the country.

Atlantic Council: one ubiquitous and insidious enemy of Ukraine is still not disclosed 20.05.2017

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