At the Filatov hospital the baby is returned to breathe

The doctors of the Filatov hospital had performed a miracle and gave five-month-old child suffering from congenital disorders, the ability to breathe again. More recently, such operations were rarely done, now just put on stream in hospitals and clinics.

On the operating table five months Mike. He has a very rare and severe pathology — congenital narrowing of the Airways of the trachea. The baby is not getting enough oxygen, it suffocates. To save his son, his parents brought him from Khanty-Mansiysk to Moscow. The Filatov hospital is the only place in Russia where they made a unique operation — moving slidelike of the trachea, reports «TV Center».

«When the child was two months old, he contracted SARS normal, but wheezing guttural has not disappeared. We did a bronchoscopy, where we have received such a diagnosis. Operation, said very difficult, the recovery period is also very long», — said the mother of the patient Anastasia Solodovnikova.

Quickly identify severe respiratory distress is not always possible, and many children do not have time to save. But a few years ago such a diagnosis sounded like a sentence.

«The problem is that at a time when we will perform surgery on the trachea, we must provide the child with adequate ventilation. But in this situation it is impossible to do without using one of the options of artificial circulation,» explained chief pediatric surgeon of the Department of health of Moscow Alexander Razumovsky.

Devices providing this kind in the world. Even fewer doctors able to perform the operation.

The ventilator is disconnected, the child is not breathing, but the oxygen in the blood continues to flow. The diameter of the trachea on a fairly large area was only two and a half millimeters. Air she could miss so much that was not enough, even to a child. Due to these actions thin the diameter of the trachea is doubled. Devices disconnect and surgeons freeze in anticipation of its first independent breath.

Now little Mike is waiting for the rehabilitation period. Not less than a month with the mother they will have to spend in the hospital under observation of doctors. When the child finally recovered, then will not differ from their peers.

Maria Samoylova, «TV Center».

At the Filatov hospital the baby is returned to breathe 13.10.2017

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