At the crash of Mi-8 in Svalbard sent submersibles

A group of Russian rescuers, who arrived on Svalbard, began to survey the area where the crashed helicopter Mi-8. On Sunday the wreckage found in the sea at a depth of 200 meters in two and a half miles from shore. Russian helicopter went missing on Thursday.

The bottom of the Greenland sea, where it presumably crashed helicopter Mi-8, Russian rescuers intend to investigate using deep-sea remotely operated apparatus. It is necessary to determine how the fragments can be raised to the surface. According to preliminary data, they are now at depths greater than 200 meters, reports «TV Center».

On Sunday, the emergencies Ministry has sent in the search area a group of more than 40 rescuers. Among them, 17 divers with unique skills to work at great depths. Specialists armed with the most modern equipment.

«In a zone of carrying out of search works will be delivered two deep small robotic device designed to perform search operations in coastal waters. Equipped with a unique motor boat. High-tech modern equipment for conducting diving operations», — said senior operational group of EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Saidov.

Conduct search operations, rescuers will have, given the difficult weather conditions. Objects resembling wreckage of a Russian helicopter found the Norwegian rescuers about two kilometers from the shore. In the archipelago it is snowing now. Visibility is very bad. Mi-8 vanished from radar screens on Thursday. On Board were five crew members and three young scientists of the Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic. During short expedition on Spitsbergen they conducted scientific research.

Russian rescuers will work together with Norwegian colleagues. Plan for search pilots and passengers of the helicopter have been developed. It will be a priority in the operation to lift the chip Mi-8. The MOE has outlined it on the first of November. To do this, the Norwegian authorities had already rented a special vessel, capable of lifting a helicopter.

Alexander Ogorodnikov. «TV Center».

At the crash of Mi-8 in Svalbard sent submersibles 30.10.2017

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