At MSU open space Department

MSU will begin the training of highly skilled specialists for space industry. The University opened new faculty.

This year in the main University of the country, Moscow state University, will open a new, 43rd faculty of space studies. This was stated by the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy at the open house, reports «TV Center».

The University will train specialists, including for work on the cosmodrome «East». Students will also explore the «black holes» and human behavior in zero gravity. The first two courses students waiting for an in-depth study of fundamental subjects — mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology.

Sadovnichy also noted that MSU is the only University in the world that can produce and launch their satellites into orbit. Devices examine the surface of the Earth. And with satellite-derived data is analyzed by students and graduates.

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At MSU open space Department 16.01.2017

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