At MSU invented a unique method of treatment of retinal detachment

Scientists from Moscow state University have proposed a new method of treatment of retinal detachment. Now this invention together with physicists, test surgeons. It is, by the way, will not only help to restore people’s vision, but also to solve other problems.

A tiny plate can be a chance for suffering from retinal detachment. This is a serious disease that leads to blindness, treated only by surgery. Operations, especially in complex cases, not always successful. MSU scientists propose a new methodology using they created a «smart» material reports «TV Center». Magnetoactive elastomer.

«It’s a resilient, elastic material, fairly stiff, with good tensile strength. He is really magnetic. It is attracted to the outer seals. It devoid of the little magnetic fillings, which subsequently are injected into the eye with surgical instruments,» — said the head of the laboratory of physics of new smart polymer materials, faculty of physics, Moscow state University Elena Kramarenko.

Silicone band with micromagnetism is installed on the outside of the eyeball. As a result, they are attracted to each other, providing a good fixation of the retina in the right place. And then possible laser correction. Do this research at MSU is engaged in a whole group of scientists. Conduct a series of calculations, use computer simulation.

Pass the experiments and in the laboratory. Using a special setting, and investigate the properties of the «smart material», and measure the magnetic interaction force between the seals.

«This holder we put between the poles of an electromagnet, and there occur mechanical vibrations of the holder up and down to allow reading», — said the engineer of the Department of magnetism, faculty of physics, Moscow state University Lyudmila Makarova.

For humans, this «smart» material is safe, scientists say, especially since all magnets are covered in a silicone matrix. And he will act locally — in places of rupture of the retina. The shape and size of these seals magnets can be varied.

Studies and experiments continue. The project has already been joined, and practicing surgeons. Nevertheless, if such operations became a reality, it may take several years. However, this unique «smart» material in ophthalmology is just one of the examples. Scientists believe that it can be applied in other various fields.

Julia Lagomarsino, «TV Center».

At MSU invented a unique method of treatment of retinal detachment 06.12.2017

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