At least ten people were injured in London after hitting truck

In the night of Monday in the North of London, drove a truck into a crowd of people returning from the mosque. One person was killed and another ten injured. Eight people taken to hospital. On suspicion of committing a crime detained a 48-year-old man.

London – a new attack scenario similar to the recent terrorist attacks, said «TV Center». At least 10 people were injured after hitting camper on people leaving a mosque in the district of Finsbury Park. At the moment, police have confirmed information about one killed.

However, the Sun newspaper reported that the death toll could be at least two. Witnesses say that after the van hit people on the sidewalk, he ran out of a man with a knife in his hand. He managed to wound the passer-by. The police denied this information. According to them, in the truck were three men. Two escaped, one was arrested. It is the driver of the van. It twisted the locals and handed over to the guards. According to witnesses, the truck crushed people intentionally in the moment when all went out on the street after evening prayers. Despite the late hour, in the first half of the night had a lot of people: the Muslims are now the Holy month of Ramadan.

«The guy in the truck, he first went on the strip for buses, and then abruptly turned. He did it on purpose! And two others, they ran away, so they’re hiding somewhere here in Finsbury Park,» — said an eyewitness of the incident, Mohammed Abdullah.

Scotland Yard has described the impact as a «serious incident», Prime Minister Theresa may called the incident a «potential terrorist attack». To investigate joined the experts division of the British counter-terrorism police. Embassy of Russia checks the information, whether among the victims of our compatriots.

In Britain this is the fourth attack in the last three months. The previous attack was just two weeks ago. June 3 the late night crowd on the bridge in Central London drove a van. Jumped out a few terrorists, they staged a real massacre. Seven people were killed. Approximately 50 were wounded.

At least ten people were injured in London after hitting truck 19.06.2017

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