Astronomers spoke about the anatomy of the Orion

The molecular cloud of Orion is a large complex of hot young stars, nebulas and dark clouds of gas and dust located in the constellation of Orion. Despite the prominence, the brightness and relative proximity, this complex is not very well understood. Take, for example, the processes of star formation. The relative role of the local galactic scale entities are modeled poorly in comparison with large-scale activity. One reason for this shortcoming is the fact that the nebula densely Packed with stars, the activity of which, together with the abundance of gas and dust accumulations in the literal meaning hides a region from the eyes of astronomers.

Astronomers Viviana Guzman and Karin åberg were part of a team of fourteen astronomers, who used the IRAM millimeter telescope for localization of the giant molecular cloud Orion B (GMC), located in this complex. Orion-B is very interesting for scientists, because it will act as a reference when searching for similar formations in other parts of the milky way and other galaxies. In addition, the analysis of clusters of interstellar gas and dust will allow to better understand the nature of star formation and its peculiarities in such conditions.

A detailed study of astronomers of the complex allowed us to determine the ratio between gas and dust in this part of the cloud, and to characterize the intensity of molecular lines, which allowed to describe the physical conditions in the Orion cloud B. Visual extinction varies with location, with values ranging from almost zero visibility to almost full opacity, even for long-wave infrared. The researchers also report that the number of gas molecules anywhere in the cloud is closely correlated with extincta: the higher the value, the more this region of dust and gas. In conclusion, the astronomers conclude that the relationship between the emission of dust clouds and environmental conditions are formed is more complicated than previously thought. So scientists still have a lot of work to establish new patterns.

Astronomers spoke about the anatomy of the Orion 19.06.2017

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