As trump prepares a major war in Syria

For noise the veil of scandals in Washington, the administration trump leads the case to a major war in Syria. At this point all the actions of the USA after coming to the White house, President-businessman. The situation is developing in such a way that the question becomes more urgent: how big is the possibility of a direct clash between Russia and the US on Syrian soil?

Just became aware of the fact that the us army deployed to Syria from Jordan rocket launchers of volley fire. According to observers, this decision may indicate a willingness of Americans to directly intervene in the civil war in Syria to support forces fighting against the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Recall that the us military have no right to be in Syria. They have no permission from the official authorities. However, this does not prevent Washington to keep this country hundreds of military specialists (the exact number is not disclosed) who are trained opposition fighters, the military support of the Kurdish formation, conduct reconnaissance, and the like.

Among the many tasks that the us military decided in Syria, and the main declared goal is to fight with terrorist groups: ISIS («Islamic state», an organization banned in Russia) and others. But in practice, action against terrorists is not the first place in U.S. priorities. As the President said trump during his recent middle East tour, the main priority for him — opposing Iran and its regional allies.

Damascus is an ally of Tehran, and Hezbollah, which Washington considers terrorist. Accordingly, on Syrian territory, America is at war not only against ISIS, but against Iran and its allies: Bashar al-Assad and «Hezbollah».

In this logic, we should consider all the actions of the administration of the tramp in the region. His first step — rocket salvo on the basis of the Syrian air force in the Sirat — testified that the main attack will be applied not to the terrorists.

Then came the raids on the columns of Pro-government forces near Al-TANF. They marked a new phase of American military activity in Syria. The fact that so far all the attacks on the forces that support Assad, including the Syrian army, was due to «mistakes», the Americans did not admit that they beat consciously and precisely.

But in cases of raids in at-Tape everything changed: the U.S. acknowledged that Pro-government troops were bombed purposefully. Thus, the United States has violated imposed them on ourselves restrictions: not to fight on the side of any of the parties to the Syrian civil conflict. Bombing allies of Damascus, the Americans sided with the opposition.

Now in the same district At-Tanfa they tighten multiple rocket launchers.

It is clear that these weapons will be used by the Americans in order to help the armed opposition to fight against Assad’s army. Otherwise — why do it? From At-Tapa no perforation of additional intervals to Raqqa and then to fight against ISIS new us missiles are not needed.

But the question arises: why so many problems arose around the same district At-TANF? The fact that this is an important crossroads on the Syrian-Iraqi border and the Iraqi side are forces, supported by Iran. If peresadovka units will connect with them, the position of Assad’s opponents (be it ISIS or the armed opposition), will get worse. For Washington, this is undesirable as it will lead to strengthening the position of Iran. Hence the desire to trump to turn the Al-TANF in a certain line, the preservation of which gives you the chance for the overthrow of Assad.

The result is that the fate of Syria is heavily dependent on the us-Iranian conflict. And the readiness of the US to fight Iran on Syrian soil can not cause very high concern.

It is hardly to be expected that the escalation of tensions will remain limited by district At-TNFa and will stop after placing several plant salvo. No, most likely everything will go on increasing, and at some point can get out of control: direct military clashes with the U.S. military, Syrian army, Damascus allied groups (Hezbollah, for example) may become inevitable. That, in turn, will make almost inevitable the expansion of us military intervention. It seems that in Washington there is a lot of effort, dreaming of such a scenario.

And in this situation you will have to take Russia? Still we managed somehow to negotiate with the Americans to avoid the risks of direct clashes with them. But in the case of an uncontrolled escalation of this would be impossible. For the Russian military, in Syria (on an absolutely legitimate) there is a direct threat, which is necessary to give an adequate response.

The result may be the danger of a military Russian-American clashes in Syria. That could mean a military clash of the two strongest on the planet are nuclear powers, we’d better not think…

It would be better if I thought about it the President of the trump.

As trump prepares a major war in Syria 17.06.2017

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