As the world reacted to the decision of the IOC to dismiss Russia from the Olympics-2018

The Russian Ministry of sport will examine the official documents following the meeting of the IOC Executive Board, during which it became clear, in what status our athletes will be able to compete at the winter Games in Pyeongchang, without the use of state symbols and only those who are not mentioned in the report of the McLaren.

Appearing before journalists, the President of the IOC Thomas Bach and the head of the Commission investigating the doping scandal around Russia, look calm. Quietly read and sensational for the history of the Olympic movement, the verdict passes the «TV Center».

«The Russian athletes will participate in the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018 in strict accordance with the rules of the IOC. They will act as the «Olympians of Russia», be it an individual athlete or team. They will compete under the Olympic flag, and all the ceremonies with their participation will only sound the Olympic anthem — the anthem of the movement,» said Bach.

The Russian Olympic Committee suspended. No employee of the Ministry of sport will not be accredited for these Games. And Russia will pay $ 15 million. The amount should go to the establishment of an independent system of doping control. And the costs for the investigation. Though their quality a lot of questions. Charges is actually entirely based on the testimony of one man. Fled to the United States former head of the Russian anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov will utter about the substitution of tubes, and the fact that in Russia there was a state program in fact encourages the use of illegal drugs. The IOC re-tested the statements of 17 months. And that in the final documents? Rodchenkov rights, swab tests can still be open, says Denis Oswald. But opened them in fact, no evidence. The former President of the Swiss Confederation Samuel Schmidt also believes Rodchenkova agree with the conclusions of the McLaren. But at the conclusion comes to the following:

«The disciplinary Commission of the International Olympic Committee has not found any documents, independent and impartial proof of support or awareness about the existence of the system (doping state) of the Supreme leadership of the country.»

This document IOC Executive Board received only the day before. As such period may seriously consider the findings of the Commission Schmidt, another question without an answer. A Russian delegation text and is issued 20 minutes before the performance. Try to have time to prepare objections. But some of the arguments of the representatives of Russia, it seems, was still heard. Double world champion and main contender for gold Pyeongchang skater Evgenia Medvedeva to the doping scandal has no relation. But the IOC decision could significantly damage her impeccable career.

In the end, the team will also be ineligible to compete. And at the closing ceremony, it may still be allowed to go with Russian symbols. Weak consolation for athletes and fans.

«Russian athletes — they are invited to the Olympics to compete under a neutral flag and no anthem. However, this restriction only applies to the last day of the Olympics. It is assumed that on the last day of Olympics all the removal of the Russian Olympic Committee will be removed. In the last day, the Russian athletes will be able to pass under the Russian flag along with all the athletes the rest of the world», — said the head of the ROC Alexander Zhukov.

However, in their ranks will not be many Russian Champions. Grueling process over those who Rodchenkov for some reason contributed to your list. Never caught doping, but the Commission Denis Oswald first long researched vials drug test, and then as a blueprint began to publish convictions. 25 Olympians disqualified for life. Without concrete evidence. As is consistent with the principles of the Olympic movement, where the corner needs to put an honest sport, and not politics, is difficult to understand.

In these cases Russia is already preparing an appeal to court of arbitration for sport. And Moku, deprived dozens of our athletes so hard for a well-deserved honor to defend the Russian flag on the international stage and appeal to users of social networks. The hashtag «there is no Russia no Games» is one of the most popular on the Internet. In the leading Western media in the top, however, other formulations.

«What’s great news for President Vladimir Putin. Russia as a nation — for the forthcoming Olympic games. Russia severely punished. Russia is now covered by an international disgrace. The bad guys lost. Really», the article says USA Today.

And how can we not talk about the anti-Russian nature of this scandal. Indeed, in a number of leading Western publications before the meeting of the IOC, it seems, managed to divide the medals our Olympians. In the forefront of opponents of the admission of the Russian team and the German journalist, Hyo Seppelt. It movies Seppelt were the reason for the investigation of VAD. Although substantial evidence the journalist was not, the thing is amazingly fast, given the course.

To speak with the crew of «TV Center» German journalist wants. Immediately calls security and adds in a low voice: next time “better not even try.” But would it ever be a reason for further conversation — is unclear. At least the IOC in the investigation of the doping scandal in Russia after the Olympics in South Korea intends to put the point.

The verdict of the IOC are final, not subject to appeal. December 12 will be a meeting of the Russian Olympic Committee, which will decide whether Russia would agree with the IOC extended access conditions to the Olympics in South Korea. But Russian athletes still train. And ready at any moment to defend the honor of the country and the very ideals of the Olympic movement that still believe.

Catherine Vyskrebentseva, «TV Center», Lausanne, Switzerland.

As the world reacted to the decision of the IOC to dismiss Russia from the Olympics-2018 06.12.2017

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