As it was handed over to Syria: Russia has found new evidence of ties between the US and ISIS

Before the Ministry of defence of Russia has published new evidence linking the United States with the militants of the terrorist group Islamic state* (is). As the portal «Вести.RU» in the recent clean-up operations of the Syrian Raqqa USA contacted the leaders of the local «Caliphate» and allowed radical Islamists to freely leave the city. Moreover, the Americans let the terrorists of ISIS to leave the weapons and even provided transport to bring them in the direction of Deir ez-Zor.

This conclusion in particular based on the inaction of the international coalition force that would clean up «escaped» the militants in that time, as they moved along the road M-4. No obstacles for conducting such operations were not, however, the Islamists safely reached the destination and clashed with government forces SAR in Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian army suffered casualties, however, thanks to the coordinated work VKS RF, the attack of terrorists managed to repel.

Photo source: — @IvanSidorenko1

This was another proof that Washington is using the militants as a weapon against the army of Bashar al-Assad and Russian military pilots. For the United States government forces HQs SAR and RF are an obstacle to the achievement of their personal goals in Syria. In particular, the Americans are interested in the main oil region of the country — Deir-ez-Zor, therefore, are the most desperate measures to prevent the promotion of the allied forces in this province. However, the U.S. does not act openly, they used to «dirty work and cover» the Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) that the United States intends to clean up the large deposits of energy resources.

At the moment, the Kurdish advance on the left Bank of the Euphrates river, which, according to local activists, is also an American plan, because SDF does not meet in its path resistance of the IG. Some sources claim that the militants «Islamic state» concede coalition and the Kurds most of their positions in exchange for part of the profits from oil sales.

Photo source: — @AraratKurd

In an interview with FAN doctor of military Sciences and Chairman of the Union of raran geopolitics, Konstantin Sivkov, said that Washington is not just associated with radical Islamists, but, in fact, became the Creator of this major terrorist group.

«Islamic state» as well as «al-Qaeda»* is a reference tool for American geopolitics», said the expert, stressing that it is not only his personal point of view, but the General opinion of the leadership and officers of the General staff of the Russian armed forces.

However, not all terrorists are unconditionally subject to the «master» in the face of Washington. Many of them are trying to get rid of American influence. It destroys their international coalition, carrying out so-called anti-terrorist operation. «Washington, however, forced to control their fighters, some of them periodically gets out of control,» said military expert, adding that this is the American military campaign against Islamic state.

* – An organization banned in Russia by the Supreme court.

As it was handed over to Syria: Russia has found new evidence of ties between the US and ISIS 30.10.2017

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