As Donald trump would make Russia great again in the middle East

In the middle East, Donald trump has his admirers, despite its stigmatization of Muslims and ostentatious tolerance of anti-Semites. But now the main question is, whether he plans to pour gasoline to the fire region. Like everyone else, the locals are not easy to draw a conclusion about politics trump just a few key points. But many have a feeling that even if the next President of the US would be zilch, and much of his rhetoric is just bluster, the Middle East, he can do any real damage.

Not that the region was the spread of liberal democracy. But if the West are often treated with suspicion for its support of tyrants, the United States now run the risk to spoil your reputation as the spiritual abode of illiberal democracy champion by national populism at the head.

Donald trump will perfectly find a common language with the local dictators. One of the first who congratulated him on his election victory, was Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Abdel Fattah al-Sisi), commander of the Egyptian army, which in 2013 seized power in the course of action initially took the form of a coup with the support of the people. A newly elected American President objected to exaggerated criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan was convicted for cleaning after a failed coup attempt in July. In any case, in the eyes of a construction magnate, they look all the moderate leaders, because none of them publicly in favor of torture or murder of the families of terrorism suspects.

In a broad sense, the administration trump almost certainly will downplay the importance of human rights, gender equality and the rule of law. Human-induced climate change has hit a «noble movement», but, unlike trump’s, people in the region doubt that this «trick» (drought and desertification was among the factors that led to the original uprising in Syria).

The Obama administration focused on how to break ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. lane) in Syria and Iraq. So shall it be at the trump, but with one difference. President Obama has lost interest in helping the rebels-Sunnis seeking to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. But Mr trump seems to be leaning towards cooperation with President Vladimir Putin another dictator and patron of Assad. The development of such cooperation will make a great Russia rather than the United States.

Cooperation the U.S. and Russia can hold the Assad regime plans to destroy the rebels. «Because they are not willing to devote the resources to allow the opposition to win, the US and the EU will have to accept the fact that the Assad regime has won the support of Russia», — said Professor of the University of Oxford Eugene Rogan (Eugene Rogan), a specialist in the modern history of the Middle East. «The highest achievement USA and the EU now would be the cooperation with Russia and the Assad regime to ensure that the victory is not followed by mass repressions against the opposition.»

Just as clashes between Turkey and Russia have changed the dynamics on the Syrian battlefield, the «reset» between trump and Putin’s regional policy will change, although probably the process will not be smooth and linear. The main Foundation of the trump policy in the region may be Iran. Mr. trump was blown to smithereens last year’s agreement between Iran and world powers headed by the USA on the reduction of nuclear potential of Iran.

The UN Security Council included this nuclear agreement into global law, so Washington will not be easy to break. It would be easier to tighten the old «secondary» sanctions the us Treasury Department against Iran, imposed on the basis of his adventurous actions abroad. But this may lead to a conflict with its partners in the West, if the Ministry of Finance they will block access to the American banking system as punishment for a deal with Iran. And flirting with Mr. Putin is not only a challenge to the EU, especially if the U.S. will lift anti-Russian sanctions, introduced against the background of the situation in Ukraine. Iran and its proxies, such as Lebanese Shia paramilitary movement Hezbollah, are the main allies of Russia in the region.

There is still Israel. Antipathy between Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is stopping to see how Pro-Israel in General, was leaving the administration. She sent Israel the largest batch of us military aid. And of the nine American presidents, what has changed since then, Israel has occupied the West Bank of the Jordan river in the six day war in 1967, Barack Obama is the only one who has used its veto the US to protect Israel in the security Council. Even Trump would be hard to beat this level.

But rather it seems that the new President intends to stimulate irredentism in the Netanyahu government: he and his advisers are already talking about Israel’s annexation of the West Bank and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. They will encourage new attacks on Hamas in Gaza and Hizbollah in Lebanon. Right-wing members of the Israeli government, such as Naftali Bennett (Naftali Bennett), welcomed the election trump, considering that it means the end of debate about Palestine. For greater Israel is more important than anti-Semitic when the future President of the United States.

Reader comments
Adequate Thinker 16.11.16
«I see, so the way the FT forgot to mention about how the rebels (terrorists) used chemical weapons to civilians in Aleppo, and hundreds of victims in Mosul, but readily spreading separatism between the US and Russia.
So the main factor for the decline in revenues: newspaper was no longer interested in the opinions and desires of their readers and focused on the requirements of the corporate owners.
Looking at the legacy of Obama and his (and Clinton) Qatari sponsors — Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt… Maybe we should give him another Nobel peace prize?
Like Putin, trump shows pragmatism: both want to destroy all the terrorists, to be able to leave Syria and Iraq and to engage in internal Affairs, strengthening their countries.
It is important now to monitor the Affairs of Clinton from a legal point of view, this should be a priority of the new attorney General».

The Invisible Hand 16.11.16
«His narrow view Mr. Gardner sees the openness of the trump of Russia («reset») one only evil, as in the direct regional benefits, that the survival of Assad will give the region. But the broader vision of the world must consider that isolation of Russia from the West — an even greater evil, because it will push her into the arms of the rising Asian powers of China, and this dangerous process, although he holds the current short-sighted administration. And Roman and the British Empire wisely followed the principles of the policy of «divide and conquer». Maybe so will trump.»

The new York times

As Donald trump would make Russia great again in the middle East 18.11.2016

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