APU damaged the pipeline in the village of Kominternove

The shelling of the APU of the village of Kominternovo, on the Donbass was damaged pipeline. In just the past weekend, the Ukrainian military opened fire on the DPR and LPR than one thousand times. Almost a third of the blows were inflicted from weapons, which banned the Minsk agreements.

Ukrainian security forces shelled the village of Kominternove. Again the shells damaged the pipeline, which has only recently been restored. Over the weekend, AFU opened fire on the self-proclaimed DND and LNR not one thousand times. Almost a third of the military blows inflicted from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. In addition, exploration of the militias have discovered new tanks and artillery from the line of contact, reports «TV Center».

On the truce, which, supposedly cares Kiev and Western politicians not the slightest hint. For a week the village of Lugansk in the Donetsk suburb continuously shelled Ukrainian military. Shells destroyed houses, broken Windows, damaged cars. The last thing that had civilians, destroyed by artillery attack. Although the militia here, but the official Kiev continues to bomb villages. Like intentionally forcing people to leave their property and escape.

In Donetsk, the picture is the same. APU destroy not only homes but businesses and infrastructure. In particular, the shells fell on the territory of the mine named after Zasyadko. It seems that Kiev is ready to use all means if you do not return, that to inflict maximum damage to the coal industry of Donbass, which is now under external control and Ukraine is not subject. Under fire was again and filter station — the only source of uninterrupted supply of water in Donetsk, and the Ukrainian-controlled Avdiyivka, where she’s been gone for over a month.

«Mortar shelling by the armed forces of Ukraine were subjected to the Donetsk filtering station, which the station was de-energized, its employees had to take refuge in a shelter, all our requests to mission of the OSCE to assist in evacuation of personnel was obtained a negative answer,» — said the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin.

The main fighter with corruption in Ukraine and a specialist in the field of building relations with Russia, Hope Savchenko not seem more concerned about the shelling of Donbass and the impending humanitarian disaster, and their own image. In the television broadcast, the Deputy did not appear in familiar dress in the style of «military», and green dress with bright makeup and new styling. However, a change of wardrobe and juicy «make-up» is not able yet to change the situation in the country, where the authorities continue to dictate radicals.

In Kiev, dozens of young nationalists staged a picket near the office of Sberbank of Russia. Pasted ATM, and office walls with leaflets reading: «It is the Bank of the aggressor country, it will be closed, take your money». Young radicals demand that all Russian banks have stopped their work in Ukraine.

Maybe the nationalists are simply not aware that the economy of the country was almost dead thanks to the Russian money, but these arguments, in Kiev and especially the nationalist battalions do not want to hear. In the same way as appeals for a truce. In the controlled areas of Donbass APU strengthened checkpoints. Inspect machines and documents from people. Allegedly, save Ukraine from the penetration of saboteurs in the Donetsk and strangely did not notice the action conducted by the authorities of the LC. In Luhansk, a militia allowed the relatives of captured soldiers to visit their loved ones, send them letters, clothes and food. It is possible that in the coming days, five Ukrainian soldiers are released.

Timur Abdullaev, «TV Center».

APU damaged the pipeline in the village of Kominternove 13.03.2017

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