Anti-tank Armored vehicles of Ukraine: Ukraine prepares to defeat Russia in the war the day before yesterday

American anti-tank systems Javelin to victory in the Donbass Ukraine will not be enough. This opinion was voiced in an interview with «Obozrevatel» Director of information-analytical center «Perspective», head of the Department of European integration National Institute for strategic studies Pavlo Rudyakov.

The expert stressed once again that Washington does not intend to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons for free. Instead, the States will give Kiev a loan, which he will be able himself to pick up the necessary weapons. Due to the fact that the loan will be relatively small, and the arms of the APU will get very little. The same Javelin ATGM will be able to purchase only a few pieces with a few additional missiles. They fail to supply even the whole group of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass, not to mention the saturation of the new weapon parts along the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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However Rudyakov expressed the opinion that to cover the most dangerous areas of the boundary line in front is still possible, especially if strengthened by a Soviet calculations of the newest Ukrainian armored personnel carriers. Such a combination can even stop a tank offensive. But what is this «anti-tank» Armored personnel carriers and how they are going to fight on equal terms with the heavy equipment, the expert did not elaborate, but noted that here plays the role not the military aspect, and symbolic.

If to speak about actual combat, Rudyakov said that the Ukrainian generals hopelessly behind in professional development and preparing to win the Donbass and Russia, but only in the day before the war.

If the conflict between the two countries escalate into war, the command of the APU expects the Russian army to build tanks across the border and act as a United front. This tactic is characterized by a slow pace of fighting and dispersion of military equipment on the front, and that such a war expect the Ukrainian generals, when gaps in the defense can be plugged with outdated technology.

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Here are just exercises in recent years show that the Russian army in case of war, will fight the most modern strategies. Stretched on the Ukrainian front will suffer a 2-3 strike at the narrow parts and the whole defense of the APU will fall. In this match-up a few calculations, American Javelin will not help and the most modern Armored personnel carriers, even overseas.

In the light of existing problems, and expressed confidence Rudyakov, the whole idea of the Ukrainian army with the massive modernization of old Soviet equipment does not make sense. Constant demonstration of the «innovations» of the Ministry of defense only creates visibility of rough activity, while the main problem of the APU is maintained – ignorance of the command structure.

Anti-tank Armored vehicles of Ukraine: Ukraine prepares to defeat Russia in the war the day before yesterday 30.10.2017

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