Anti-Russian US sanctions threaten the interests of Germany

Sigmar Gabriel, head of Germany’s foreign Ministry believes that the new anti-Russian US sanctions apply to pipeline projects with German participation, threatening the interests of Berlin.

He stated, speaking at a forum on foreign policy, traditionally organized by the Fondazione Corbera. The German foreign Minister also called for a review of European and German policy towards the US and more confident to defend their own interests.

«When trump U.S. labor play the role of internationally significant political force — Gabriel cites RIA Novosti. – While Washington is starting to treat Germany as one partner among many. The unconditionally, with which we perceive and maintain the role of the United States, despite occasional differences, begins to break down».

According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, in the future his country should be more confident to represent their own interests and «to carry out red lines beyond which it is impossible to go partners.»

We will remind, in the beginning of August 2017, the head of the White house Donald trump has signed a law that, in particular, gives him the right to impose sanctions on persons who invest in the construction of Russian export pipelines over five million dollars a year or a million dollars at a time. In the document it is separately specified that the us government will continue to oppose the project «Northern stream-2».

Anti-Russian US sanctions threaten the interests of Germany 05.12.2017

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