Announcements of the new issue

WHO PLAYS KSENIA SOBCHAK. A prominent political analyst believes that Ksenia – perfect for the cosmopolitan Russian elite, which still strives to create Golf range 2018-2024 years.

LAST TRIP BIKAINA. Cryptocurrency will not be able to move Fiat money. The most that they are able to integrate into the existing financial system. The reason is simple: the regulation would negate all their advantages. And not regulate them is impossible.

DEVALUATION: don’t worry about devaluation. How would you frighten Analytics and neighbors, keep in mind that the FX market has become more calm, the chances of a repeat of the events of the end of 2014 less.

HIGH TECHNOLOGIES of RUSSIA: Tyumen project «Megabat» created not having analogues in the world technology for the treatment of batteries and now plans to build its global distribution.

CEO «Megabat» Oleg Sorokin wants to create a global network dedicated to service batteries

FARMING: Why when we come to Europe their stores are full of fresh food, and in regions eat industrial food? This question is not relevant. Retail network, positioning themselves as sellers of fresh and natural food, accustomed not only in the capital but in the regions, and grow so rapidly that even intensified the competition. Where are you?

COMMERCIAL MEDICINE: Modern man is fragile as ever, and wants to live long. Learn to make new doctors. Previously, only teeth treated, and now the Moscow clinic «Top Physio» — commercial project in the field of rehabilitation. You fix it, quickly, efficiently, and probably expensive. But once and fresh food was expensive.

Hydro-kinesiotherapy is one of the main methods of rehabilitation in the «Top Physio»

FINALLY LEARNED: Russian information system of enterprise management continue to bite market share from foreign manufacturers. In favor of domestic development plays a devaluation of the ruble, as well as flexibility, and growing functionality of it systems.

DEVELOPMENT: a shortage of housing gone, came a time of surplus. What do the poor developer? Learn from «Cranberries». Cranberries, building housing in Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg were able to create a format of mass housing, where the quality of living combined with reasonable prices.

«Wooden stairs» in the «Stone key» has quickly become a popular place of leisure

ACCOMMODATION:IN the companies of Oleg Deripaska is a large-scale redistribution of property. In early November of the IPO of the company En+ Group, part of Basic element. If successful, the IPO will be the largest in the last five years and the first after the imposition of sanctions against Russia. In addition, IPO En+ Group may launch and other significant changes in the structure of the share capital of companies controlled by Deripaska PROBLEMS THEY HAVE: the Canadian Bombardier holding forced to give up its main asset, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. This will allow you to assemble aircraft in the United States and not to pay prohibitive duties, which the Americans are threatening to enter next year.


HYPERSOUND: First, the hypersonic, then lasers. The U.S. military intends to dramatically improve the efficiency of its air platforms due to precision laser weapon that can shoot down missiles and hit targets on the ground.

TOUGH WORLD: Russian desperation ride the wave of history. What kind of world will replace the chaotic multipolarity and who we should look to Russia. Meets Sergey Karaganov.

Announcements of the new issue 29.10.2017

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