Aniston laughed at pitt divorce with Jolie

Ex-wife of brad pitt, star of TV series «Friends» Jennifer aniston, does not feel that the ex-spouse hostility, but she can not Express their attitude to his divorce with Jolie.

So, the actress who was the wife of pitt to his experience with Jolie, after learning of the breakup between brad and Angelina, said, «Yes, you’ve got karma!». As noted aniston, she always knew that Angelina will not be for her ex-wife the only woman he could live the rest of my life. Jennifer is confident that Jolie is too complex for pitt, because he’s a pretty simple guy.

We will remind, on September 19 it became known that Jolie initiated the process of divorce with pitt. According to some sources, the couple fought constantly and now decided to break off the relationship.

However, some sources claim that an important role in deciding about divorce played brad addictions to alcohol and weed.

Angelina had a lot of nervous because of the lifestyle of her husband. As reported by her lawyer, Robert Offer, the actress tired of the dangerous atmosphere in the family, and she decided to divorce. He mentioned that the couple breaking up solely because of pitt’s communication with children, not a third party, that is not because of infidelity.

It is noted that Jolie asks for full custody of all children and does not require a Pitta child support.

Recall that brad pitt started Dating Angelina Jolie in 2005. The couple lived for several years without registering the marriage, and they are signed only in 2014.

Aniston laughed at pitt divorce with Jolie 21.09.2016

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