Analyst: Makron likes to break everything

What does not suit the French labor reform? How the Macron proposed a plan of radical reforms in the economy and politics? To these questions in an interview to «TV Center» said political analyst Igor Bunin.

What has caused the decline in popularity of the French President, just four months occupying the post – one of Russia’s leading specialists in modern France, political analyst Igor Bunin told host Alex Frolov in the program «Events. 25th hour».

«You have to understand that France is always on strike. For each reform. Macron – a man who likes to break everything. He proved during the presidential campaign because he broke the socialist party, the Republican party. And when he presented his program, there was also a lot of revolutionary,» said Bunin.

Full expert review here.

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Analyst: Makron likes to break everything 13.09.2017

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