Amazing Siren: how sexy girls poludeli drive sailors crazy?

For many millennia there are myths about the existence of different beings with extraordinary abilities. These include the Kraken, Chimera and Vampire. However, let’s talk today about the Sirens. What we know about them?

According to Greek mythology, the Sirens are similar in appearance to piloptic – Oludeniz. The head and the body of a beautiful virgin, with claws. The story goes that they are the fruit of the copulation of the mother of the muses Melpomene and acheloos father (God of fresh water). Siren has inherited from his parents the divine voice, which they touted their victims, and wild, vicious temper.

For the first time about the sirens mention appeared in the stories «the Odyssey». According to the records, they came across two sirens on the rocks of the island between the land of CIRCE and of Scylla. The whole island was littered with bones and dried skin of their victims.

It is noted that in ancient times in Naples (Italy) was established on the tomb of one of the murdered siren Parthenope. Her usually sacrifices were made.

Experts in ancient Greek mythology equate sirens with harpies. Image and the other was decorated with tombstones and steles. However, direct evidence of the existence of data creatures on today.

Amazing Siren: how sexy girls poludeli drive sailors crazy? 05.08.2016

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