«All this in order to Manafort spoke. And he’ll talk»

Ukrainian underwear Manafort

Both citizens charged with 12 counts, including illegal lobbying and financial transactions. Manafort already surrendered to the FBI.

At first glance, this arrest will not hit the Tramp. All charges relate not trace of Russian and Ukrainian – Mr Manafort accused of wrongdoing in the course of work on the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. «Sorry, but that was long ago, before by Paul Manafort was part of a campaign of Donald trump,» said the American President. However, on second glance, it is not so simple. Since the real evidence of trump’s work on Russia is not (and can not be, because this work was not), digging in the Ukrainian dirty linen of Manafort may be the first step in constructing these proofs. «All this in order to get Paul Manafort to speak. And he’ll talk,» wrote one commenter to a presidential tweet.

Exactly in the same way opponents of trump tried to make the dream a former aide to President Michael Flynn, when I caught him «Turkish underwear.» In addition, Mueller will use the fact of being charged with a violation of the law of 1938 «On the registration of foreign agents» and in the laundering of money as leverage. Manafort may refuse to give any incriminating testimony to a trump, hoping for a pardon. However, the fact of the pardon may be already used Muller as an additional argument in the investigation of such a crime as «obstruction of justice»,» — says Ekspert Online Sergey kostyaev, an American doctoral student at Rutgers University.

What do you do here?

However, based on damaging a pardon after all the game long. For Muller is critical fast promotion Manafort. The problem for him is that the investigation itself trump’s ties with Russia are under threat.

All the while, Muller was looking for traces of non-existent communication, trump supporters did everything possible to discredit the Muller. The reason for this is more than enough – from the personal interest of spectracolor (who is a close friend trump fired the FBI Director James Komi Republic) and ending with the fact that, according to some, the collection of evidence in «Russian dossier» was partially held with the sponsorship of the Democratic party. And now the editors of the Wall Street Journal is set to «two relevant questions. Whether it was the cause of the dossier of the FBI’s investigation of the campaign trump and did Mr. Komi or its agents the data in this dossier as the basis for requesting Court approval for surveillance for intelligence (special body that must authorize the surveillance of potential spies – Expert Online) to wiretap employees trump?»

So now USA go active rumors that trump may simply dismiss spectacular and close his mission. In this regard, «a single shot» in Manafort plays in favor of the American President, talking about «universal agreement that many months of EXPENSIVE (highlighted by the trump – Expert Online) investigations proved the ABSENCE (highlighted by the trump – Expert Online) any connection between trump and Russia.»

Let’s put Hillary

In fact, the only thing now holding back the trump from exile in Komi Republic is a possible wave of information. «Fake news» in the face of a hostile President, the media, and supporting policy from the opponents of the President immediately talk about the fact that trump is afraid Muller and using his official position in order to hide the traces of their own crimes, to identify where the Robert Mueller «were so close.» So the American President, in General, is faced with a dilemma. It is beneficial to wait for further discrediting the mission of Mueller, but only if you guarantee that Manafort will not break (as at the time is not broke, Michael Flynn). Whether trump such guarantees? It is difficult to say.

However, the us President found another way to switch public attention – he offered the society a new victim. «What is false Hillary and the Democrats are not paying attention?» he asked, and said that investigation just revealed its relationship with Russia.

This, of course, is the so-called «uranium case», when, after the approval of Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of state) of the sale of the uranium mining company UraniumOne Rosato in accounts of the Fund of the Clintons were millions of dollars of «donations». Therefore, «if there was any collusion with any country during last year’s American election campaign, then the controlling authorities, the United States should look at the Clintons,» says a spokesman for the White House Sarah Sanders. And now the national media, taking the low ratings of Hillary and, in General, the universal belief in its korrumpirovannosti, calling for close investigation into the activities of Madame Clinton. The investigation, which may be uncovered and other sins – for example, unfair the democratic primaries.

Moscow, of course, unpleasant to become involved in another scandal, however, advantageous for the Kremlin to ease the pressure on the American President. The smaller the pressure, the greater the chances that the Russian-American relations finally cease to be a member of the American internal political struggle. So there will be at least some chance for their stabilization and (miracles do happen) normalization.

«All this in order to Manafort spoke. And he’ll talk» 31.10.2017

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