Alexei Smertin told about his impressions from the reconstruction of the stadium «Dynamo»

A veteran of FC «Dynamo» and its Executive Director Alexei Smertin had a tour of the Petrovsky Park and the reconstructed stadium «Dynamo». He spoke about their impressions and expectations, and also admitted what he most regretted in connection with the renovation of the sports arena.

The views are breathtaking – the entire Russian capital at a glance. For the veteran football club «Dynamo» Alexey Smertin this area, in fact, native. Petrovsky Park, the legendary stadium where he spent the best years of his life, said «TV Center». Life in the area, according to Alex, almost for a century is centered around the stadium. Even now, during the long period of construction everything here is imbued with the spirit of the sport, waiting, what will be the new complex and the area around it.

«We understand perfectly that a football match lasts 90 minutes, and the rest of the fans and tourists from all over the world should feel the atmosphere of the city. And all of these changes, these great sidewalks and buildings, the facades of which have now acquired a very different color, it is, of course, wonderful. It is our calling card will be», — said the Executive Director of FC «Dynamo» Alexey Smertin.

Now here in addition to the stadium built residential complex, landscaped Park. And in addition to the old metro station «Dinamo» will soon open a new – Petrovskiy Park. From there to the stadium will be at hand.

«Work is going well. Actually on the homestretch. Technical train has already passed. Now there is a running ways. We believe that before the end of the year the full needs of the passengers on this thread already to go», — explained the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

Updates native arena professional football player Alexey Smertin following closely. Last time I was here a few months ago. Says: during this time much has changed.

«The main thing was missing – the stands, the seats in blue and white colors and the field in which we go. Here was concrete. Felt the full extent of the construction. Felt the anticipation of great events. But you can feel only when walking on the grass,» said Smertin.

Two arenas under one roof is actually raised above the ground. Downstairs Parking for 4 thousand cars. Unique engineering structure allows for a few hours to change the configuration of the field with a football on a basketball, or a concert. In the basketball configuration of the bleachers can change the angle, outside of the U.S. this feature can be found only here. Sports venues designed by world-renowned architect David Manica.

«The only kind, admit, regret, for me personally, I will not be able to come up here. If only as a veteran to play in some friendly match. On the other hand, I understand that stadium for many years, I am convinced that many here will be victories,» said Smertin.

At one time the «Dynamo» stadium was the largest sports facility in the capital. Apparently, it is waiting for a future no less bright. Sporting life and ambitions of the capital are impressive.

«It started with those events since events are global, which was brought to Russia. This is the Olympics and the football world Cup and, in General, now trend to live a healthy lifestyle,» said Executive Director of FC «Dynamo».

On days without competitions and matches this place will be too crowded. Historic walking area – Park of physical education and sport «Dinamo» – is 8 hectares. The territory will be equipped, appear bike path, children’s playgrounds, a summer theater-lecture hall. While planning to preserve the spirit and aura of the old Petrovsky Park.

Christina Odinochenko, Maxim Sidorenko, Timur Askarov, «TV Center»

Alexei Smertin told about his impressions from the reconstruction of the stadium «Dynamo» 29.10.2017

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