Alexei Batalov was performed by replacing

In Moscow say goodbye to Alexey Batalov. In the Big hall of the cinema House brought together hundreds of people: family and friends, colleagues, fans. Remember the best work of the actor, which brought him national love. This is Boris from «the cranes are Flying», a physicist Gusev from the drama «Nine days of one year», of course, Gosha from «Moscow to tears does not believe». Batalov is called a man of extraordinary intelligence, and his departure is a great loss.

So quiet at the House of cinema has never been, said «TV Center». And because a lot of people. People in the morning going on and on to bid farewell to the beloved actor. A quiet weep and remember. His kind eyes, unique tone of voice and innate intelligence. Sometimes, fit, stretch out a warm hand and immediately becomes easier.

Everyone is talking about and his incredible modesty. People’s artist of USSR, laureate of numerous awards, Director, screenwriter, Professor spoke little about yourself. More about the other. It is now, after his departure, it became known that he actively was engaged in charity work, as he revived the monastery, as he helped students, and how they adored him. Now orphaned, left without a beloved master. Close friends and colleagues are recognized: Rob had a fine irony. So now many think, one more word about it, and in the air you will hear the famous phrase goshi «I very Much some sort of ideal work». And still – here and now – I say. Because Alexei Batalov was really perfect.

He wrote scripts and books. Shortly before his death, when he was in the hospital, wrote the last line, addressed to his beloved wife Gitana. Together they spent more than half a century, brought talented wonderful daughter.

«My love, a priceless gift from God. You’re not family, but fortunately the road»

The poem is not over. The author left. It was performed with applause. Aleksey Batalov will be buried at the Transfiguration cemetery.

Olga Streltsov, Igor Konstantinov, Alexander Golubev, Konstantin Stepanov-Molodov, «TV Tsentr», Moscow

Alexei Batalov was performed by replacing 20.06.2017

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