Airborne brigade and Marines deployed to the Crimea and South Russia

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During the sudden
check the combat readiness of the Russian army on the black sea fleet was training on
the loading of troops and military equipment on large landing ships and landing on the coast
Crimea. On the ground deployed airborne soldiers from the Volgograd region. They
passed March to 1200 km combined method and arrived at the unfamiliar
polygon. There they proceeded to the engineering equipment, the organization of safety and
defense area and conducting training and combat missions.

Worked out
organization of search and rescue operations of the landing forces group
Marines, the organization of air and against underwater threats and sabotage

the group fulfilled the task of convoying of ships as part of the training for mine
security. To anti-submarine protection of the landing forces were involved in two
diesel-electric submarine of the black sea fleet.

The Caspian flotilla transferred to the landfill Rajewski in the Krasnodar region. They
marched in the composition of the columns on their own, and trains.

Spot checks announced by Vladimir Putin, from 25 to 31 August.
It affected Western, Central and southern military districts, VKS RF, VDV and Navy.

Airborne brigade and Marines deployed to the Crimea and South Russia 29.08.2016

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