Age of chaos: the mercenaries robbed the Ukrainian military in Odessa

In Ukraine, the military Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case in connection with a «hostile takeover attempt» of the military unit in Odessa. At the moment investigators are responsible for assessing the actions of the soldiers-and sentinels of the command, as well as unknown «storm». Already initiated pre-trial investigation, which is controlled by the military Prosecutor.

We are talking about an event that occurred on Sunday. In the morning unknown persons in masks tried to seize military unit in Donetsk. By the way, they have positioned themselves (as reported in the command) representatives of the shopping Mall City Center. These people dismantled the fence APU А3571 and taken military property in an unknown direction. All this was confirmed by the head of the press center of command of Air forces of VSU Novel Orchila in the Ukrainian TV channel «112». He added: «Now there was talk of a military lawyer and law enforcement, who said that no documents this organization is not on any action on the site».

Later in the National police denied the information about the attempt of raider capture. Adviser to the head of Department in Odessa region Ruslan Forostyak the TV channel «112 Ukraine», it is said that the territory of the military unit has not penetrated and there was no confrontation.

The bottom line we have the following. Mercenaries, bandits or the radicals broke into the military unit in Odessa, quietly took the property of APU and fled in an unknown direction. The guard raised the alarm, nor discovered (as, in principle, by Charter and expected) fire, nor even attempt to identify the attackers. With all this shame the head of the press center of the air force said in the media about some conversations with the lawyer and the documents of the organization, when in fact, the military had just been robbed in the daytime in the presence of protection.

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When it was about the forcible takeover of industrial enterprises, factories, even on the ceiling of the Railways and the capture of a nuclear power plant in Kirovohrad region such that the unknown mercenaries is one thing. But when they calmly move time aside and take military equipment – this is the case even for Ukraine outrageous.

Immediately raises many questions. For example – the mercenaries and their masters have tacit «permission» to do so or we are talking about banal «lawlessness» that went beyond? And what kind of object around which erupted in a fight?

Specialist in conflict PR («PR — PR i Z») Zakhar Chistyakov believes that Ukraine has excellent conditions for raiding than a and began to use:

«As it becomes clear from the media, the conflict is happening around the runways of a military airfield. This facility is economically attractive because it is situated in the city. For over a decade, as representatives of the local elite offered various options for decommissioning of the asset for subsequent use for another purpose – building, etc.

His «capture» people in masks can be inspired by the leadership of the military unit and outside. By itself, the option «security sign in» instead of legal and PR attacks only says that the current situation in Ukraine is very favorable for the raiders, they are not worried about giving visibility of the «civilization» of their actions. Overton window for the raiders in Ukraine passed. Compared to other events – ATO, assassinations, etc. – violent seizure of assets attract less attention of the public and the persons required to respond to or to prevent such a thing.»

As for the Kiev, then they didn’t even bother to defend the honor of APU, which de facto again because of this incident disgraced. In this regard, Professor of sociology and international relations, senior consultant St. Petersburg center for social research Oleg Andreev in his comments to the iReactor told that this may be an obvious reason – some Ukrainian elites themselves such capture is initiated, or at least patronize:

«I believe that it is a controlled chaos that is stimulated by either Kiev or even Odessa authorities. In any case, we cannot say that all this is done with impunity, then there is the leadership of a certain part of the Ukrainian authorities. A vivid example – the events in Odessa in 2014, when burned alive and killed people. All Odessa knew then that all the Nazis lived in dormitories under the protection of the Odessa police, and they arrived there on the orders of interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

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The current case is no exception, it is likely that a similar incident was held under the patronage of the Ministry of interior of Ukraine. After all if to understand, there was no attack. All military time is a simple manual in which they are allowed to open fire on the attackers, but they didn’t, masked men quietly took what they wanted and left. Then was told to turn a blind eye.

People in Balaklava – Nazis and mercenaries thus show Ukraine that they are a force to be reckoned with, and which cover the «top». What could make the APU? Nothing. Those soldiers who can be called conditionally «moderates» understand that as soon as they speak out against Avakov or number of officials, covering the mercenaries, immediately losing their jobs, and a family to feed. Oh and don’t forget about the General chaos in the country when private armed groups, rather their actions are already a common tool of politicians to achieve their goals.»

Age of chaos: the mercenaries robbed the Ukrainian military in Odessa 30.10.2017

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