According to the newspaper Bild, Germany does not exist

Guide popular German newspaper Bild in the Wake of allegations of Russian athletes in doping sverhtehnologichny took the decision to completely ignore the Russian athletes at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, arguing this kindergarten step as follows:

«If Russia will still be able to participate in the Olympics, Bild will not include it in the overall medal standings. We will cancel the results of the Russians and will not tell me about them. Western athletes also sometimes used doping, but when the government, together with the security services creates a nationwide doping system, it is necessary to give a weighty answer.» Bild

Do the editors of major German newspaper is so close to the heart perceives doping scandals and intends to zealously fight for «justice»? Of course not. That being said, tales for the poor. At the beginning of the XXI century were dozens of doping scandals: caught in the cocaine, repeatedly got disqualified athletes was found a prohibited substance in the blood, even «crystal clear and fair,» the Germans (Hello Patrick Sinkevich, Thomas Holzner, Jan Urlau and others). But this time, when the center of the scandal were Russian athletes and political relations between Moscow and the West are experiencing a significant cooling, the editors of Bild fanatically preoccupied by the problems of the world of sports. No politics.

On publication, devoted to the Olympics, there is no news about the successes of Russian medalists, team Russia is not even included in the intermediate table of the medal standings. At the moment when the Russian team overall results ranked fourth, German journalists decided to pretend that fourth place does not exist in nature and after the third from the fifth:


If the leaders of the German media expected, somehow, to hurt, to humiliate, annoy or offend
the Russians, it remains surprising that after so many centuries of neighbourhood and after so many nasty for the Germans «dates» with Russia, they did not understand the Russian character. Such nonsense makes us mad, and laughing at the impotent rage.

But as Alaverdi journalists Bild and harmless entertainment we «cross out» Germany from wherever you can, and imagine what would have become reality, which would interfere with the editors of German Newspapers, if they worked in Russia.

Germany off from the first
ten leaders of the largest GDP


According to the World currency
Fund, Russia became the fifth country in the world in terms of GDP. Economic experts have reacted calmly to the absence of Germany to the top of the list, as once successful the country is mired
internal problems: the influx of migrants and refugees, which must be provided
everything you need (primarily women), economic crisis and a wave of terror, before which the police are powerless. According to experts, even of the growing Turkish
the Diaspora is unlikely to help Germany to return next year in one of the most developed economies in the world.

Higher education in
Germany is not detected


In the ranking of countries with the best
the higher education system of Germany either. After Angela Merkel and her
the team is ordered to train all the refugees and migrants,
so they quickly had turned, in the Universities, 99% of the programs took a new
subjects: «Lessons of European tolerance», «Islam in
modern Germany, History of sexual minorities» and even
«Doping in modern Russia».

German experts said
that the loss of positions in the ranking of higher education is unfair and caused by the
they are nationalists. Newspaper Bild has said that it will fully
ignore the British company QS, which created this rating.

The average salary of the Germans through the floor


Germany had failed to detect, and in the list of average salaries in the world — at least in
the top twenty among Slovakia, Estonia and Greece, this country is not visible. Apparently, because of the benefits the new
citizens of Arab descent wage Fund of German employers has declined sharply and salaries had to be dramatically reduced.

ranking of the prosperity of the Germans also did not find. What kind of prosperity, when so
plummeted average salaries?

Human potential


Impossible to believe, but in human development index
potential (a combined measure of human development
in countries and regions of the world, is compiled by the Program development of the Organization
United Nations (UNDP) and is used as part of a special series of reports
The UN on human development) Germany was also not detected. Like last time happened during the Nazi regime. Merkel should reflect on such a sad sign of degradation. But after the loss of leading
positions in education and the economy on which human development can be said?

Freedom of speech died


Insatiable desire of the Bild newspaper to ignore reality led to the fact that German journalism has ceased to notice not only the Russian
athletes, but Pro-Russian politicians, public figures and even the stars in the sky. Any objective reality, any true word become fatal to the German media. No wonder that even the disappearance of Germany from the ranking of countries in terms of media freedom remained unknown to German readers – it all the local newspaper ignored the news.

There is no gender equality


Only the eternally vigilant feminists are sounding the alarm – Germany disappeared from the ranking of gender equality. Due to the lack of media freedom they can’t understand what caused it – whether the oppression of women by men, whether men of women, but sexual discrimination was evident on her face. However, inform also impossible due to the neglect of the reality of German journalism.

Influential Germans, too, no


As a consequence, Angela Merkel, the head of Germany, now neither
what is not affected. In the list of most influential people right after Vladimir Putin (No. 1) follows Barack Obama (No. 3). And when I leave it is after the deadline, will remain a President of Russia. And it is the only truth in this distorted joke of a reality without Germany.


As you can see, targeted
ignoring any state in the media is unacceptable, as it dramatically distorts reality. This behavior Bild as the boomerang will be punished above all Germany itself: away from the publication of many sensible
readers and will give rise to another joke against not only the German media, but
the entire German people. What should happen in the mind of journalists to do this?

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According to the newspaper Bild, Germany does not exist 17.08.2016

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