Accelerated pace: Russia will build a large fishing trawler

At the shipyard in Kaliningrad for the first time can build a large fishing trawler. As reported TASS, the seaside company «Preobrazhenskaya base of trawling fleet» talks with the Baltic shipyard «Yantar» on the implementation of the respective project within the program’s investment quota. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the government of the Kaliningrad region Alexander Shenderyuk-Zhidkova.

Photo source: — the Press-service SK of the Russian Federation

This order could become the first fishing vessel of large tonnage at the shipyard for all history of existence of the enterprise. As previously reported the newspaper «Kommersant», the seaside company has sent requests to develop a concept design for the future of the trawler alongside design Bureau, in particular, «Baltsudoproekt.»

According to the technical task on the creation of a freezer trawler, means the design and construction of a 115-meter long ship ice class Ice 3. The total volume of walk-in freezer of the vessel will be about 4.2 thousand cubic meters. Also, the trawler will be equipped with holds for fishmeal volume of about 700 cubic meters.

As we learned earlier, it was planned to build on investcom for customers from Russia ten trawlers at the enterprises in St.-Petersburg: six of them on the «Admiralty shipyards», four on «Northern shipyard».

Photo source: Federal news Agency — Stepan Yatsko


Accelerated pace: Russia will build a large fishing trawler 29.10.2017

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