About the features of modern tolerance

The story began with a blog Brazilian student, talks about his
the classmates who dramatically changed their lives and sexual orientation, once
under the influence of «liberal-minded» professors of the University.

His stories gave rise to the creation of this material — attempts
to conduct an analysis of how society has changed in terms of total imposition
the idea of tolerance.

The second half of the XX
century was marked by the intensification of the emancipation of sexual minorities. Since then
fighting their representatives for their rights and freedom is gaining strength and
international scale. The real achievement of the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community
was the adoption of the law on registration of same-sex unions on a par with
heterosexual marriages. The pioneers were the Netherlands, have legalized
in the country on 1 April 2001, same-sex marriage. Then similar laws
taken in Belgium in 2003, Spain and Canada in 2005, South Africa in 2006
year in Norway and Sweden in 2009, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina
2010, Denmark in 2012, in Brazil and France in 2013,
The UK in 2014, in the United States and Greenland in 2015.

In Spain the law about same-sex couples has been met with strong resistance from the
The Vatican, the Spanish Catholic Church and the conservative party. In France
the decision of the National Assembly on the legalization of gay marriage took to the streets
hundreds of thousands of people. When the bill will come into force from the official documents
France will be gone forever the concept of «husband» and «wife» «father» and «mother», it’s «parent number one» and «number two». However, the protesters confuses rather, it is not, and
the possibility that gays and lesbians receive after the wedding: the right to adopt

In Finland the law on the legalization of same-sex marriages will come into force in March 2017
year, and just today in the world, 24 countries, where it is allowed such
kind of unions. In countries such as the UK, Norway, Canada, and in some
States to enter into same-sex marriage is possible even for those under
the age of majority. The main thing – it would be mutual consent of the intending spouses.

However, this tolerance takes place not in the world. 76
countries homosexuality is illegal, and in ten countries — same-sex
relations and is punishable by death.

However, in some countries, there are other forms of same-sex registered
unions: is a domestic partnership, domestic partnership, civil
partnerships, civil unions, unregistered partnerships, etc. All of these
partnerships and alliances are different from each other with provision of the rights of minorities
identical to heterosexual unions. With each country’s legal
restrictions vary, but General trends are evident.

Limitations relate to issues
the adoption of children, artificial insemination and surrogacy.

Today, there are about 20 countries where same-sex register
civil partnerships and unions. Among them Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic,
Greece and Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Note that Switzerland became the first
country, organized a referendum in which the citizens of
were asked to vote for or against the legalization of gay marriage.
The results of the referendum became known that 7 of the 26 Swiss cantons voted
against same-sex partnerships.

Fun fact: one of the first same-sex partnership made known
Swiss singer South adhemar, Cyano, which
at the time of marriage was fulfilled 104 years, with his 64-year-old companion
life. Special liberality manifested Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud,
entering in 2013, a special wedding ceremony for homosexual couples
who are in a civil partnership.

And in 2015, already in Spain for the first time in
the history of the country the wedding took place of police officers-gay. The couple on
the ceremony was in dress uniform, and a large number of colleagues
supported them on their wedding day.

Having achieved significant victories in the area of civil rights, sexual
minorities continue to assert their interests and try to achieve
fundamental changes at the level of state legislation. In the last
years in courts of different instances, same-sex couples are suing for the official
the status of «family» with all the attendant rights and responsibilities. They
seek opportunities to adopt children or want the lifting of the ban on organ donation.
Act for the abolition of criminal penalties for homosexuality and homosexual
activity. Need to remove restrictions on the choice of profession.

The desire of sexual minorities to achieve rights and freedoms is quite
understandable – they want a better life for themselves, but often struggle comes too

In 2014, the Catholic priest in the Swiss Canton of URI blessed to
the marriage of a lesbian couple. The shepherd guided by the fact that right now the Church
blessing of the animals, sanctifies, vehicles and even weapons, then the pair
lesbians especially deserves blessings. This priest brought upon themselves
disgrace. Bishop Vitus Huonder
intent to dismiss from the service of a priest from the Canton of URI, who secretly
conducted marriage for same-sex couples, which caused a sharp disapproval
the public.

Then the Swiss Union for the protection of the rights of gays and lesbians Pink Cross (Pink
cross»), filed a lawsuit against the Vitus of Wandera for the fact that the Bishop, speaking
at the Congress in Germany, cited the following quote from Scripture:

«If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: let them be put to death; their blood is upon them.» (Lev. 20:13)

Gay activists made a big deal out of this incident a scandal, accusing the Prelate in
homophobia. Vitus Huonder had to publicly apologize for his words, and then
more and defend in court. However, the Swiss court dismissed the case against
the Catholic Bishop, not finding sufficient basis to proceed
the criminal case and ordered the group of activists for the protection of the rights of the LGBT community
to pay court costs in the amount of 1 500 Swiss francs.

Special advocate for the rights of sexual minorities are United States
America, led by Barack Obama. And if earlier the main doctrine of the world
US policy was to support democracy in recent years (especially with
the moment when the presidential race involved Hillary Clinton) has become such
protection and support rights of the LGBT community and widespread promotion of

Thus, once again, the United States openly trying to impose on the world its
understanding human rights – this time the rights of sexual minorities. The White house even
appeared special envoy on the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
diplomat Randy berry.

Special envoy, Randy berry belongs to the LGBT community and
so fervently defends the rights of sexual minorities around
world. And the state Department of the United States considers this mission a priority
areas of American foreign policy. For anybody not a secret that
the Obama administration is the most «rainbow» in the history of the United States. It
when the current President came into office, a record number
ambassadors homosexuals. Even in the country the organization operates, defends
gay rights-diplomats – GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign-Affairs Agencies,
«Gays and lesbians in foreign Affairs agencies»). GLIFAA is struggling including
providing opportunities for homosexual diplomats to travel to other countries
with their partners as family members.

In the United States were very jealous of sexual minorities from all sorts of discriminations
from the unfriendly configured heterosexual majority. So, in
Indiana pizza Pizza Memories had to be closed for reasons of
security, after the owners of the restaurant refused to serve the orders
at a gay wedding.

But in Oregon owners of a confectionary Sweet Cakes by Melissa fined
135 thousand dollars for something that they have not agreed to bake a cake for a gay wedding.
Pastry chefs explained their decision by religious beliefs, but they were accused
discrimination and ordered compensation for moral damages to a lesbian couple who lost their
treats in your celebration. The Internet is one of the sites turned the whole
campaign to support Sweet Cakes by Melissa, was even collected 100 thousand
dollars in favor of the owners of a candy store. But the full amount
to collect has failed because of the administration of the site, considering the purpose of the ensuing
campaign as illegal and suspended the collection of funds.

Priests who refuse to marry same-sex marriage in the United States, faces a prison
imprisonment or a fine of one thousand dollars.

It would seem, why discuss someone else’s life? Man is free to choose
their fate, love who makes love and sleep with whomever you want. This is all wrong. But
it’s one thing when an adult suddenly (or not suddenly) aware of its true
the nature of and personal sexual preferences. It’s quite another thing when
young children’s minds are being introduced unconventional values, is widespread
introduction of gender education and breaking the foundations.

Did You know that in Sweden there are kindergartens, where, according to
rules, kids are forbidden to divide by gender? For children who
go to this kindergarten, there are no concepts of «he» or «she.» There is only «it»,
child, man, person. The logic of the organizers of the new-fangled kindergartens young Swede needs to determine for itself what he wanted to be a boy
or girl. And to do so without regard to birth gender,
recorded in metric passport. Deciding not to stop there,
the Swedes abandoned the concepts of «mom» and «dad.» Now there are «parent 1» and «parent

In Norway decided that sex education children need to start
before. Now there are building waterslides in the form of male genitals. The logic
Norwegian educators and psychologists such children’s slides needed to
children were not ashamed «of his nature» and almost from infancy was
tolerant and sexually unrestrained.

In Germany and France there is a «gender change Day», when children come to school
disguised in the clothes of the opposite sex. Boys wear dresses and skirts, and
the girls glued their beards and mustaches. Teachers are also involved in putting on a costume:
women fastened their beards, men wearing women’s clothes and make bright
makeup. And it’s not carnival and not a joke, and the school event set of the state

Russia, being a democratic country, quite loyal to the
sexual minorities. In June 1993, the official decree abolished the article of the Criminal
code criminalizing sodomy. In Russian cities
work gay clubs and bars, the Internet is different the gay community to communicate with each
other, published materials and articles on a variety of topics, get advice from

Whether oppressed gays in Russia? To answer this question, it is enough
to turn on the TV and flip channels Russian TV. Many well-known
TV presenters, pop stars, writers, and businessmen are open to the public
representatives of the LGBT community. If they were oppressed and forbidden, would have done
they are such a career? This is the best answer to all those who constantly accuses Russian
of power in the oppression of the rights of sexual minorities.

Homosexuality in Russia is not prohibited,
prohibited the propaganda of homosexual lifestyle. And it is two big differences.

Banned gay pride parades. But what they do need, these Gay Рride? Gay Рride
means the pride parade! But something to be proud of? Proud to be marching in the crowd
half-naked and painted men and women in latex and clothes from sex shops,
demonstrating to the delight of a cheering audience of their sexual preferences?

Maybe the LGBT community it’s time to think about
own image and to change its aggressive tactics of the imposition of «universal
tolerance» to a more constructive dialogue with society? After all, heterosexuals
even in a head will not come a crazy idea to organize a March or parade in their own
heterosexual honor.

«Traditional» man does not boast that he loves the representatives
the opposite sex, not shouting about it on all corners and squares. Normal heterosexual couple would not be publicly fondling each other’s intimate places
to show the world their sexual preferences.

Such a blatant demonstration of non-traditional
relations speaks only of the desire of sexual minorities to impose
own way of life, to get more people to join the ranks
like-minded people.

In 2013 Russia had banned the propaganda of homosexuality among
minors. Recall that in 76 countries homosexuality is outlawed, and
in 10 countries same-sex relations are punishable by death, but only Russian
constantly accused of all mortal sins, as one of the Federal
laws prohibits propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations. Defenders
the rights of the LGBT community immediately took this as a pretext for
information attack on the Olympic games in Sochi. On this subject expressed
many Western celebrities.

Hysteria in the press has picked up the policy, and because of their appeal appeared open
the letter, signed by over 200 writers and 27 Nobel laureates
award. The text of the letter dear scientists and politicians were demanding
to cancel the Russian law banning propaganda of homosexuality among children.

Gays and lesbians are the participants of the Olympic games in Sochi are very worried that they will
be subjected to discrimination by the Russian authorities. To enhance the effect
the pressure of the American media with malice stressed
that the selection of candidates to the national team a special preference
gave the LGBT community. Then the President of Russia had
publicly promise that no discrimination by gender during
The Olympics will not be allowed.

Especially for this event in America has released a children’s coloring book
with fictional scenes from the life of homosexuals in Russia. Its plot follows
in Russia, beating and arresting those who cannot hide their non-traditional
orientation. It is noteworthy that the book was planned to distribute the Sochi children directly during the Olympic games. The British government before the Olympics
openly funded the protest activities of international groups
gay activists, including gay activists in Russia. Did this British
culture Minister Maria Miller, a guest came to the Olympics as
the most senior representative of the British government.

The West wrongly scolds the «dark» Russia for discrimination of sexual minorities.
As in tolerant Europe, in the Russian cities opened «Centers
of tolerance». Very progressive cultural-ideological initiative.
There are such centers with the support of regional authorities under the Central
scientific libraries.

Books distributed by such centers, respectively, is also very
tolerant. Take for example the children’s project popular writer Lyudmila
Ulitskaya «The Other. Other. On the other,» designed to teach children modern
the European values. That’s what Ulitskaya herself says about the project:

«We can’t force people to love each other, but we can teach them mutual respect, telling them about each other very significant things we can do to help children adapt in a rapidly changing world, telling them about the «other». It is not like you. On the disabled, blacks, homosexuals, HIV-infected patients. «The other, other, other,» is the message of «Children’s project», conceived as a series of books on anthropology, and in fact dedicated to the education of tolerance».

As is known, Russia banned adoption of children by same-sex couples. Logic
the ban is obvious. The human rights activists do not ask: what
the right of children to grow up in traditional families? After all, educated in same-sex
family children receive an education and an example of «parents» who create their presentation
about moral norms, normal family.

Thus, Osinovaya of the child, the gay couple actually prejudge it
future, depriving him of the opportunity of choosing for himself. The chance of a child growing up in
a family where only two dads or two moms, become a representative of sexual minorities
much higher than in a traditional family. After all, children copy the behavior model and
lifestyle of their parents. Another example, they do not have.

However, the book «Family at us and at others» Faith Timenchik, published in children’s
series Lyudmila Ulitskaya will tell the children about how the family is built different
cultures, in different countries, what are the laws of existence. And here is a quote from
this «children’s book»:

«Man that woman has not got takes in the «wife» of the boy. Boy wife in the house performs all of the female function, and when it reaches adulthood, becomes a warrior and he can get married. If you’re lucky — a woman. And no — so also gets his boy.»

«Do not think that gay marriage was only between men from other African tribes, for example, Pandi, accepted marriages between women. But in Africa, pedophilia is the norm».

In the modern world, LGBT activists everywhere are trying to introduce new
morality, to create stylish and advanced with their point of view, ideology. According to this
the ideology that man is born «asexual» as if «neutral.» In their opinion,
gender, bestowed by nature, it is something obsolete. The man himself must
to decide who he wants to be a boy or a girl. It is everyone’s right
the person written in all official European documents.

Based on the above, it is difficult to suspect followers
traditional values in discrimination against sexual minorities. Rather, today
there is such situation in the world when protection is required, it is the traditional,
centuries-old foundations. In terms of permissiveness and replacing the notion of «morality»
on the popular «tolerance» young people can easily become mindless
imitators and followers of fashion today, of course.

A vivid example in this topic demonstrates the Internet user from Brazil under
nick @antesdepoisdafe. In his Twitter account, the Brazilian display photos
students of several higher educational institutions of the country to the moment they arrive and
after some time after contact with liberal-minded teachers.
Comparing pictures of students «before» and «after», clearly shows that the majority of young
people are starting to get involved in informal tendencies, become followers
sexual orientation. Guys and girls are doing body piercing and
tattoos on the face and body, wear outrageous clothes and accessories from sex shops.
Some of the young men put on women’s dresses and is applied on the face

Without waiting for a response from
teachers, Brazilian student wonders why his peers
need this kind of education due to which they lose their faith in God and
moral compass?

What can give young people such a University? What can teach such children
literature? How to protect their children from such gender education? What
will lead the policy of the new morality? For tolerance, gender education? Or
the degradation, depravity and moral decay? Questions remain

The impression that we were in some theater of the absurd, where black
persistently is called white, where promiscuity was proclaimed freedom
self-actualization, and corruption filed under the guise of gender education. Like
we all became heroes, crazy world of Kafka.

The so-called hypertolerant European, actively promote and
funded by numerous American funds applies not only to
of sexual minorities. For example, in some European countries and in some States
America has canceled Christmas. Cute holiday Santa Claus, Christmas gifts
and treats was canceled, so as not to offend the feelings of adherents of other faiths.
No Christmas trees and tinsel. No biblical scenes of Christmas.
No Christmas wreaths and holiday garlands. Such decision of the authorities
due to considerations of tolerance, secularism and principles
multiculturalism. In order not to cause discontent of the followers
non-Christian religions.

As if Christianity is some sort of shameful illness that must be carefully
to hide from prying eyes. But tolerance and respect for other cultures
ideally not imply a renunciation of their own traditions and culture of our

Under the threat of a ban was and is the main symbol of Christmas is Santa Claus. Failure
from religious symbols – a sign of correctness have reached the point of absurdity. In
Germany in one of the shopping networks, customers have suspected a toy wooden
Santa Claus, in sympathy with the Nazis. Old man with a white beard and sack of gifts
behind oddly held his hand up. Very much his gesture reminded
the fascist salute. In the end, all «Santa-fascists» was withdrawn from sale and

Anyway, this Santa Claus is a very suspicious type. Representatives
the city Council of Vienna forbade its purely «pedagogical considerations»:
Santa delivers the bad example to the children – teach them to take gifts from strangers
uncle. And the phrase «if you behave badly, Santa Claus will not bring
you gifts» causes great psychological trauma children
psyche. And because of this, many children are afraid of this bearded guy with a large
bag and are experiencing severe stress during a visit. That’s the care of children

It would be funny if it were not so sad. And while we finally
sucked into the swamp of universal tolerant of idiocy, we want to apply to
advocates of unconventional morals and «progressive» ideology. Live as
want, but did not plant their way of life, do not impose to our children their
values. Do not turn the world into Sodom and Gomorrah.

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About the features of modern tolerance 13.09.2016

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