A resident of Astrakhan in a fit of jealousy caused more than 30 injuries with a knife to his sweetheart

As reported in Astrakhan news portal «Kaspyinfo», November 3, 2015 in Astrakhan the jealous man with subtle rigidity has killed his beloved, causing her more than 30 stab wounds. Recently he was sentenced.

Investigators were able to reconstruct the crime on the testimony of eyewitnesses. On the night of 3 November, the ambulance service called the elderly man and reported that he had found in the house of my son, his girlfriend, all cut up and bleeding. Arrived on the scene, the doctors could only say the death of 25-year-old woman from massive bleeding. On her body was were more than 30 stab wounds, 22 of which occurred in the head, neck and upper body.

Under suspicion in Commission of this crime was her lover. In the course of investigations were found witnesses to inadequate state men. It turned out that the deceased had a couple of her friends. The young man admitted to them that she wants to end the relationship, but he is ready to kill her, but did not let go. As proof, the guy slashed with a knife in his hand, had heavy bleeding. The friends ran to the nearest pharmacy for the required medicines to stop the blood, and when he returned 20 minutes later, he saw his friend on the floor, all streaked and covered in blood. In panic they turned to the father of 27-year-old jealous man living nearby, who called an ambulance and the police.

Law enforcement officers detained the suspect, who was sleeping peacefully on the crime scene. According to him, he just fell asleep for 20 minutes, and when I woke up, saw his beloved already in the blood. Forensic medical examination showed that person from Astrakhan, was in a sane state at the time of the murder. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for a period of 10 years in a penal colony.

A resident of Astrakhan in a fit of jealousy caused more than 30 injuries with a knife to his sweetheart 22.04.2017

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