A pedophile raped years 3 young children

Tuesday, June 20, it became known about the decision of Chernovsky court to sentence the 33-year-old rapist to sixteen years in prison.
The press service of the Prosecutor of the city of Chita, said of the brutal crime of a resident of Chernovsky area. Male 33 years raped three children.
Investigative actions revealed horrible facts.
Beginning in 2013, a pedophile raped stepdaughter, taking this opportunity, when the girl’s mother was at work. Stepdaughter at that time was at the age of 9 years.
The girl received psychological trauma, and severe violations of the sexual organs.
During the investigation, employees of bodies of internal Affairs, has known about the other victims of the pedophile that was done some years earlier. In these repeated cases of suffering children from his first marriage.
A trial was held, accused found guilty and as punishment, made a judgment, for a period of 16 years imprisonment.

A pedophile raped years 3 young children 20.06.2017

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