A number of Russian banks will lower status

On Wednesday the state Duma will consider the second reading of the bill, which provides for the transition to a new banking system. According to the proposals contained in the bill adopted in the first reading the amendments, banks will be divided into those who perform services with the universal and those who have the basic license. The first is waiting for strict and comprehensive regulation, second life will facilitate the «simplified taxation.»

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, such a separation will reduce the costs of compliance with international standards of banks with a basic license and will enhance the availability of banking services in Russia.

The minimum size of own funds (capital) of the Bank with a universal license from January 1, 2018, the bill set at 1 billion rubles. For banks with a base license is the minimum amount of own funds determined in 300 million roubles. Upon reaching the Bank with a basic license of capital to 1 billion rubles the Bank will be able to voluntarily request the replacement of the base license on the mainframe. Limit the amount of capital for the Bank with the base license will amount to 3 billion rubles.

The banking system as a whole from innovation will change not so much, but for Bank customers, significant changes in General will not be, said Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko Bank Andrey lyushin. Banks will still be able to carry out operations, but if it won’t let the base license, such operations can be carried out through contractors with a universal license. Slight increase in the timing of surgery is unlikely to be critical.

However, a legal entity, if they have a need in such operations, may prefer to change the Bank with a basic license, on the Bank of the universal.

In fact, says the banker, the Central Bank have divided banks status, but also made supervision less stringent for banks with a base license. This should make the banks more efficient. Simplified regulation is good for small banks. It is clear that consolidation in the sector will continue, but these banks will still be the majority, and now the regulator makes it extremely strict requirements. On the one hand, this increases the stability of the banking system, on the other – kills the business itself. The new legislation will allow to solve this problem, concludes Andrey lyushin.

At the same time, the bill, in the case of passing through the state Duma, can be a «lifeline» for many smaller regional banks that found themselves in a difficult situation in the short term, may lose their license, said the head of Treasury Bank of Voronezh Nikolay Chuklyaev. On the one hand, he says, limited license still has a negative impact on their balance sheets, as many depositors may withdraw their funds and convert them into banks with a full licence, with the other lightweight standards will allow them to be more flexible in respect to attracting new deposits. Unfortunately, the bill arrived with a slight delay, since most current it was in 2014 when the Central Bank switched to the active phase of Stripping the banking sector.

A number of Russian banks will lower status 19.04.2017

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