A new provocation of the United States: «Battle at the checkpoint At TANAP will lead to another invasion»

On the night of 7 April, the US Navy launched a massive strike with cruise missiles «Tomahawk» on the Syrian shayrat airfield in HOMS province. In response, Russia closed with Washington «hot line», which effectively means the closure of Syrian airspace. The Pentagon took the situation seriously and has already banned its pilots flying in the region. However, the pilotless aircraft continued the work of yesterday has already led to the shelling of an American spy. Today it’s not been without incident in the South – East of HOMS province American tanks crossed the Syrian border and consolidated at the checkpoint At Tanah employed the so-called «moderate opposition». The formal reason for American military action was the attack of the forces of ISIS* to the checkpoint. The expert of Fund «public diplomacy» Sergey Prostakov said the situation reporters iReactor.

Photo source: navy.mil/Press service of the US Navy

«Us special forces are already actively involved in operations in Northern Iraq and Syria (cooperation with Kurdish groups and the «Democratic forces of Syria») and on the Jordanian-Syrian border (together with the «New Syrian army»). Strengthening the US military presence in Syria shows that Washington intends not only and not so much to fight with ISIS, and further define the future of the country, relying on introduced in and controlled by the troops.

In the conditions that arose after the blow to the Sirat, there is a new configuration of forces, threat to the entire Middle East in the future. Despite the continued pressure on Islamic state terrorists, they in the absence of coordination of leading against them the fighting parties will have the opportunity to destabilize the situation in the region. And the Syrian territory with the full approval of the United States continues to share with its allies, because after the formation of the Turkish controlled area in the North to the South begins to form under the control of Jordan together with the «New Syrian army» and completely dependent on the American region. And the battle at Al-Tanaf could become a formal reason for entering into the region of the Jordanian forces, or other allied U.S. forces.»

Indeed, Damascus has repeatedly said that the Turkish «operation Shield of the Euphrates» is the only reason for the occupation of part of Syria. So, recently it became known that Turkey has unilaterally established a new border at the town of Genders. The reason for such liberties was dry riverbeds border the river Afrin. In other places of Syria, the Turkish army simply building concrete fences and barriers of barbed wire, explaining that the desire to prevent the ingress of militants in Turkey. However, what about the fighters in question is not clear, because all local groups are subordinate to the Turkish command.

In order to prevent the occupation of the country Assad forces conducted a rapid offensive to the town of al-Bab, where Turkish troops are stuck. Due to the sluggishness of the Turkish military and the resilience of ISIL terrorists, government forces managed to lock the «liberators» in the Northern region between the two Kurdish enclaves. Barely cope with a relatively small band of ISIS, the Turks did not dare to contact with Syria and Russia at the same time, and the United States Ankara gave to understand that the use of the Kurds, the Pentagon intends to continue, so war with them, too, failed.

Now a new direction for «liberating occupation» remains the southern direction. Moreover, Jordan also strongly supports cross-border groups of the «opposition» that does not like to change their citizenship. The most powerful forces the «moderates» that the US and Jordan could use to legitimize the occupation in the South are concentrated near the city of Daraa. However, where there are large numbers of government troops. So in this direction may repeat the Turkish scenario. It is quite another desert Eastern region engaged in «opposition» and ISIS. In this direction, «liberators» almost no obstacles, Iraq and Jordan quietly and slowly can «cut off» their new territory. Of course, the desert is a little unnecessary, but in the middle East the interests of politicians usually hide under the ground.

Photo source: www.eia.gov

Thus, according to the U.S. border regions of Syria in the East is rich in gas and oil, especially as two major deposits remain intact. Probably by coincidence it is in these areas and began to gain a foothold in the American army with their greedy allies.

* – Organization’s activity in Russia is prohibited by a decision of the Supreme court.

A new provocation of the United States: «Battle at the checkpoint At TANAP will lead to another invasion» 09.04.2017

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