A mass Exodus of Ukrainians to Europe is breaking all records

New laws adopted by the EU, can play with the European citizens a cruel joke. In particular, and without increased flow of labour migrants to Ukraine can be even several times more. One of the Ukrainian news media reported expert on migration and employment abroad Timur Juco.

According to him, to leave to work abroad is the only chance to survive in such unbearable conditions of financial instability in Kiev that drove the country over the past few years. Citizens fleeing unemployment and poverty, explained Djoko. He also stressed that Ukrainians are ready to work to exhaustion in Europe and to change their profession on a physically grueling job. So, citizens with a high level of professional training are unable to find an appropriate job abroad, since in high office are simply not allowed, leaving the best places to local residents.

Photo source: News Agency «Kharkiv» — Leonid Androsov

«Now in the receiving countries of Ukrainian workers, the situation changes, there tend to not only have a labor force Ukrainian hands, but also want to change the law so as to encourage Ukrainians to not only work, but to move there as a family for permanent residence», — explained the expert. He added that the Europeans use of migrant workers from Ukraine as a factor of stability of the EU economy. In short, until Kiev captures the annual decrease in the percentage of the working population, the Ukrainians work for Western employers and enrich foreign countries.

«A huge human potential of Ukraine leave their homes, family and goes into exile. People continue to go to work, and the number of those who are willing to leave the country, not decrease,» — summed up the disappointing statistics Juco.

A mass Exodus of Ukrainians to Europe is breaking all records 30.10.2017

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