A former stewardess of «Transaero» told the details of the history of bankruptcy of the airline

Today, 13 September, the Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region declared the bankruptcy of the airline «Transaero». The court decision also introduced a procedure of competitive manufacture for a period of 6 months until 13 March 2018. We will remind, in December 2015 at the suit of the savings Bank was initiated bankruptcy proceedings.

Correspondents iReacotor contacted a former employee of the airline that he worked as a flight attendant. The source spoke about the problems of the organization and how they affect employees.

«Our company was the second largest in Russia, it gained momentum and closed her other companies. It is clear that the competition was serious and «Transaero» have tried to meet all the requirements. Control is often passed to different people, resulting in was launched the bankruptcy process».

The source noted that the problems began even before it became known to all, as is often detained the salary, but then this process settled — the day came twice a month, but for the previous reporting period.

«The company had large debts on loans, rent boards, etc. All profits went to pay off debt, and used the rest to pay salaries to employees.
Critical condition was a permanent transfer from one person to another led to the bankruptcy. New people do not understand what needs to be done to remedy the situation.»

Payments to employees were detained for 10 — 12 months prior to the termination of operations. Former employees went to work for Aeroflot or airline Russia.

«However, I took it all quite calmly, even when the company finally collapsed. It was hard for those employees who worked in «Transaero» about 10-15 years. The fact that bankruptcy is recognized only now — it’s weird. We all still owe the money, «Transaero» has left huge debts to their employees».

A former stewardess of «Transaero» told the details of the history of bankruptcy of the airline 13.09.2017

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