8 Oct. Playground Irina Bogushevskaya

Zki «Meridian»
Beginning at 13 h
Tickets are from 900 to 2,000 rubles.

On «the Playground» Irina Bogushevskaya very serious musicians meet with very funny and good children’s songs, and each such meeting – a sparkling firework of live music!
«Playground» is an interactive concert, a fascinating journey through genres and styles, in which children become full participants in the action: riddles, tell an adult, sing along, clap and stomp, and sometimes even grunt and grunt! And along the way, listening to the sound of country music, Foxtrot and Boogie-woogie. And get acquainted with musical instruments: drums and bass guitar, guitar and piano, flute and clarinet
– where else will you hear funny songs in such a serious performance? And where else learn how a crocodile cries, what is «Hunky-puff» and how the sun makes charging?
Many of the songs from this program already recorded in the Studio and out on the illustrated record «Playground number 1» and «No. 2». The project has received not only excellent reviews of children and parents, but also the National prize of children’s products industry as the best children’s publishing, 2012. A columnist of the newspaper «the businessman» Boris Barabanov in 2016, wrote that it was «the Best children’s songs of those that appeared in the new century without relying on cartoons or a movie.» Singing producer and arranger Irina Bogushevskaya very proud of it. But this is not enough: a year ago she
debuted on «the Playground» as the author, joining the tight-knit tandem of writer Andrey Usachev and composer Alexander Pinegina. And now they’re writing new songs, six hands! So besides the popular songs in the program will be premieres!
The concert is in two parts, 45 minutes with intermission.

8 Oct. Playground Irina Bogushevskaya 19.09.2017

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