12 points renovation: the rights of Muscovites will protect the town law

This week the Moscow city Duma adopted, and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin signed a law on additional guarantees of the housing rights and property for renovation in Moscow. The 12 points proposed by the mayor of Moscow, and developed in their Public chamber, based on the wishes and experiences of city residents.

Most probably, the main point of the law adopted in first reading by the Duma, guarantees citizens a five-story building that they will remain in his district — that district, not the County. This was the question asked Muscovites to the greatest extent, transfers «TV Center». It is not only in the current lifestyle. Many feared that they would be relocated almost.

The rumors were not confirmed: the law clearly States – will have to move, maybe not on your street. «The residents who live in a particular area, will move only in the area where they live, and it is true of most districts with the exception of Novomoskovsk, Troitsk and Zelenograd. This guarantee of the citizens should be», — said Sobyanin.

Also, the law prescribed the architectural requirements of new houses. To monitor the construction will be a special Commission. Muscovites will move to high-rise buildings, monolithic or constructed of panels of the current generation. There will be convenient access, with ramps — for moms with young children and people with disabilities. On the first floor in advance will provide space for grocery stores, dry cleaners, and other household objects. And in new houses, of course, there are elevators, and both passenger and freight. For the residents of today’s five-story building is important.

«This is a landmark day. A landmark day for the millions of grandparents who are rising on the third-fourth-fifth floor, with stops, with bags, no lift, they will finally be able to afford decent housing», — said the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Evgeny Gerasimov.

«I saw those houses that cannot be repaired, even if only because they have no basement. And in order to change communications, it is necessary to open the first floor. People need confidence. Confidence that their rights will be respected. So here is the bill – it is absolutely relevant for a specific time,» said member of the Duma Committee on state building and law Irina White.

By the way, the so-called «waiting list» will now be able to get an apartment faster. Out of the lineup. The law says not only physical but also legal entities. Owners of non-residential premises will fully reimburse the cost at market rates.

«Addressed issues associated with mortgage relationship. We are first time in world practice has included the obligation of the authorized body of Executive power of Moscow to help move socially unprotected categories of citizens», — said Moscow city Duma Deputy Yaroslav Kuzminov.

The new apartment will be transferred to the property free and already renovated comfort-class. That is, to call you immediately. In the Moscow city Duma adopted the law says about its size. And of the fact that people have a choice: either replace the old housing to get an apartment in a new house, or money.

«The fourth article of the law gives a very clear understanding of what «equivalent» room is a room where the area is not less than the old apartment. Number of rooms no less than in the old apartment. Total area — more. Now there is the concept of «equivalence». That is, if the Muscovite does not want to get an apartment, he can write a statement and get equal compensation,» — said the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov.

This week began voting on the inclusion in the renovation programme. Muscovites on the website «Active citizen» or centres of public services «My documents» can answer the question of whether they want to have their house demolished. In the end, the project will only include the five-story building, where the «for» vote of at least two-thirds of owners and tenants of apartments. And this rule is also enshrined in the law.

«This vote is not about the alienation of the apartment, not about the demolition of the house, the vote on joining the list. This does not mean that in a month, a year will come to you, knock on the door and say «Hello, we’ve got you going to move into a new house». The program will be implemented for several years. Each house will find its place and its time,» said Shaposhnikov.

It is also known that residents of five-storey buildings will be exempted from contributions for the overhaul. Previously collected funds will be directed to the construction of new homes. And another important point: to exclude the house from the renovation program will be possible even after the vote. Before the contract owners and tenants under the contract of social hiring, have the right to change the decision.

Eugene Brown, Catherine Simonovic, Pavel Yermolenko, «the events center», «TV Center».

12 points renovation: the rights of Muscovites will protect the town law 20.05.2017

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