10 suburban routes has reduced the maximum speed

Ten roads in the suburbs reduced the maximum allowed speed. These roads are the most dangerous in the region.

From ten suburban highways is reduced the maximum allowed speed in the territory of settlements. Now they can’t go faster than 50 kilometers per hour, before this limit was 60. Drivers can focus on the characters that are already established. Changes introduced in separate sections Pyatnitsky, Egorievsk, Mozhaisk, Old-Simferopol, Kashirskoye, Nosovikhinskoe, Rogachev and Volokolamsk highway, and also roads Moscow-Zhukovsky and Schyolkovo-Fryanovo. These tracks are considered the most dangerous. It happens to 40% of accidents with human victims. It is not only a collision of vehicles, but also pedestrians.

10 suburban routes has reduced the maximum speed 17.06.2017

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